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2020_03 19 catholic

Saint Corona: No joke! – There actually is a St. Corona. AND she is one of the patron saints of pandemics. AND her remains are in Northern Italy, the site of the first Covid 19 lockdown in EU.

TRUMP 2020: I am so often impressed by the genuine kindness of our president [3:49].

2020_03 19 Trump tweets

NATIONAL HEALTH: A COVID-19 trial vaccine is being readied for human trials. Meanwhile, the Left has happily complied with the ChiCom’s demand to NOT call their stinking virus either Wuhan or Chinese Coronavirus. Everywhere I look, it’s been dubbed “Novel Coronavirus.” ::eyeroll::

In other news, there have been 36 million cases of flu illnesses in the United States this season, with 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths which included 144 children. Rates for children 0-4 years and adults 18-49 years are the highest CDC has on record for these age groups.

There’s an interesting graphic at the first URL here about the history of the deadliest pandemics. The graphic is too big or I’d put it here. I encourage you to go see it for yourselves.

2020_03 19 don't vote

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: The Left disgusts me. They continue to repeat easily and often debunked lies, while pumping out even more new ones.

The latest is by the New York Slime, which deceptively edited President Trump’s phone conversation with state governors in which he urged them to try to find ventilators locally, because it would be faster, but that the federal government would be backing up their efforts.

The Times put it out as, “Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves,” Mr. Trump told the governors during the conference call.

And, of course, Trump-haters are gleefully tweeting and retweeting it.

2020_03 19 PA GOP

2020: I am not even remotely an economist, so take the following with a pound of salt.

I have been thinking for a while that an economic recession was inevitable. The economy has been booming for several years; it can’t go on indefinitely. My concern was that a recession would hit us in the fall when it would do Republicans the most harm on election day.

However, we’re in the midst of a voluntary economic slow down right now and it seems to me that a slowdown is a recession. The economy needed a check; it’s getting one. And it is probably going to be worse than it needed to be thanks to the Democrats hyper politicizing the Wuhan Coronavirus.

After flu season passes and the infection rate drops, we’ll all get back to work. Then the Trump Economy will pick up again and the Democrats’ TDSing may very well end up being another anti-Trump hoax that backfires on them.

2020_03 19 stupid

MIND-NUMBING STUPIDITY: Remember when a member of the New York Times Editorial Board exclaimed that if only Michael Bloomberg had just handed out the $500 million he wasted on his failed presidential campaign, every single American could have been $1 million richer?!

2020_03 19 stupid two

(click to enlarge)

STUPIDITY, PART TWO: WaPo’s token “conservative”, Jennifer “I hate Trump so bad” Rubin has assured us that Republicans will suffer more from the Wuhan Coronavirus, because Trump downplayed the threat. Never mind the inanity and mean-spiritedness of her statement … a little common sense and a look at the two maps above show how wrong she is.

The coronavirus is a disease of proximity, and the Democrat Party is essentially an urban party, where people are jammed cheek by jowl into the same places.  It’s also a party that facilitates homelessness and enables filth and drug use, encourages reusable shopping bags that are disease vectors, and wants to pack people into densely populated high rise buildings and public transportation.” – Andrea Widburg

2020_03 19 part 3

STUPIDITY THE THIRD: One of the few things this Wuhan virus panic has been good for is getting us all a nice close look at what constitutes #Resistance – leftist and NeverTrump alike – self-pleasuring material. As with so much else that has been thrown at President Trump, the allegations of misfeasance and malfeasance melt away under any scrutiny.

“No, President Trump didn’t disband the NSC’s capability to deal with pandemics. No President Trump didn’t cause the delay in developing a US test kit. Yes, President Trump has removed bureaucratic impediments to approval of testing devices. Yes, the US has produced a vaccine ready for Phase I clinical trials in stunning, record-breaking 45-days from concept to first test. Now we have a new claim. Donald Trump is a murderer.” – streiff, Managing Editor at Red State – March 17, 2020

STUPIDITY FOUR: [1:30] Videos released in northern Italy in February this year urged Italians to fight racism by hugging Chinese people.

“I’m not a virus. I’m human. Eradicate the prejudice.”

Northern Italy is now home to one of the Wuhan Coronavirus’s deadliest clusters. The entire country is in lock-down, Italian hospitals are overwhelmed, and the death toll is approaching 2,000.

2020_03 19 Omar

ILHAN OMAR: What a cesspool of ugliness her heart is Ivanka Trump tweeted out a photo of herself with her kids and a suggestion for a fun, everyone-is-home activity. Camping out in the living room.

The self-righteous, yet sadly self-unaware Omar responded, “Thinking of all the families separated forcefully by your father’s policies today. Share your ideas on how you plan to unite them.”

Reality checkers were quick to point out that it was Obama who built those cages, not Trump. Plus, oh wait, Omar’s adultery broke up two marriages, depriving four kids of their natural parents in the home.

“What is wrong w/ you? All you can do is sit there blaming others & wagging your finger. Have you done anything to offer assistance? Anything besides criticizing those working around the clock? @IvankaTrump tweet was tender and kind. Yours however was vicious & unhelpful.”

2020_03 19 grammy

GRAMMY NOTES: As of Tuesday afternoon, New York has 1,374 positive cases of COVID-19, more than any other state in the country. Most of them are in NYC and Westchester County.

In Tompkins County, where I live, there are 3 confirmed cases, but they’re all in the Ithaca College community. Thirty-two test results are currently pending and 48 people are under quarantine.

2020_03 19 tp dogs
2020_03 19 DOG squirrel


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  1. I had something I was going to comment, but that row of fluffy white puppies and the squirrel dog drove it out.

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    That first map suggests one of the best places to be is the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. (Looks at lush buds and greenery out the window fed by days of warmth and rain here in NE OK, recalls what the barren prairie of the panhandle looks like.) Meh— it’s safe enough here.

    Good post, chrissy. Good coverage.

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