COVID-19 and Sunday Mass

2020_03 15 Mass

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many dioceses have announced restrictions on public liturgies and granted dispensations for missing Mass.

At the link is CNA’s rolling coverage of restrictions and special measures taken by dioceses, organized by province, and the status of public Masses and school closings. This list will be updated regularly as news comes in. Check with your diocese or local parish for any to-the-minute changes where you live.

EWTN broadcasts Sunday Mass in English at 9 am and Noon. It can be livestreamed at the link.

Catholic TV has Sunday and weekday Masses in English and Spanish. It looks like these also include Closed Captions for the hearing impaired. Click the link for the schedule.


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Dearest and I attended an online Mass for Sunday, March 15. It was so nice! I’ve tried doing that by myself, but it feels wrong. Praying alone is fine; Mass should be communal. I need to make a point of asking Dearest to do it with me.

    I haven’t been able to go to church in decades. It’s been so long, they went and changed some of the responses! I still want to say, “And also with you”, but now it’s “And with your spirit.” I think I bungled another one too. And I didn’t know the cantor’s tunes, which have also changed.

    Father Daniel came over once and celebrated Mass with us when the Texas Army crew was in town. It was incredibly moving to me to have Jesus come down right on to my own dining table! My grandson wants to be a priest; he stood right next to Father, who explained everything he was doing. I need a tissue.

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