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2020_03 15 day of prayer

MISSING MASS: “I encourage those of you who cannot come to Mass, to stay home and read the Gospels, pray with your families, and to join yourself to the sacrifice of the Mass by making an act of spiritual communion.

“There are a number of prayers of spiritual communion that you can use, the one I like is simple: ‘I wish, my Lord, to receive you with the purity, humility, and devotion with which your most holy mother received you, with the spirit and fervor of the saints.’” Archbishop Jose Gomez (Los Angeles) 

2020_03 15 tabasco

WUHAN CORONAVIRUS: President Trump formally declared a national emergency amid the coronavirus pandemic, freeing up $50 billion in government aid.

Trump also announced a private-public partnership with Walmart, Target, and other retailers to offer portions of their parking lots to establish drive-thru testing for the coronavirus.

The Dow Jones rallied as he spoke, rising nearly 2,000 points yesterday — with half of the rally occurring during Trump’s press conference.

2020_03 15 border

GLOBALISM: It’s a vector for diseaseBack in January, the World Health Organization said not to take any border control measures that would stop the international flow of people. Russia and Singapore ignored them and closed their borders to people returning from high-risk areas. 

The latest numbers out of Russia show that just 28 people infected; Singapore has 189. Both countries have had zero deaths.

Meanwhile, European countries that did nothing to restrict travel.

  • Italy has 15,113 recorded infections and 1,016 total deaths.
  • Spain has 3,059 recorded infections and 86 total deaths.
  • France has 2,281 recorded infections and 48 total deaths.
  • Germany has 2,512 recorded infections and 5 total deaths.
  • The UK has 590 recorded infections and 10 total deaths.

Border controls work.

TRANS: [6:21] Young female athletes are suing for the right to compete on a level playing field.

2020_03 15 sales

NEW YORK: ARGH! On top of taking away the plastic grocery bags I prefer for my trash and deciding criminals should walk free within hours of being arrested, the sucky Democrats who run my sucky Deep Blue State have figured out another way to tax us.

We used to get hit only on internet purchases from stores that had a New York address. Now we get hit on EVERY internet purchase. And it’s eight freaking percent to boot.

I just made an order for essential oils to help protect us from germs and spring pollens. Fortunately, I got a $5 discount for my previous purchase points, cuz I forgot to check the after-tax total before hitting “Send Order.” The tax added almost $10 to my order. Without that little discount, I would’ve gone over my available balance. ::fuming::

2020_03 15 Grammy

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama Buzz sent me a photo of the macrame plant hangers Dearest put up for her when he was visiting. I was laughing to myself about the philodendron reaching out to the spider plant over the picture that says HOPE. So romantic! THEN, I noticed that the philodendron shares a pot with a spider plant. Harumph! That CAD is CHEATING ON HIS WIFE!!

2020_03 15 cat hoarding

2020_03 15 cvs


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  1. On OPV, I have stole featured several of your videos here. Quite a meaty post.

    Re that picture with the plants… must be my OCD kicking in — I just want to reach in and straighten up that picture!

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  2. Tobasco hand sanitizer – really funny. Before I steal feature it, I must ask, is that your work, mrs thehyphenated?


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