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LENTEN MEDITATION: [6:20] A great way to make this Lent even better spiritually is to offer up not only something you chose, but also to offer up your inconveniences. Give God those moments when you’re stuck in traffic, or when someone says something bitter to you, or when you have to run an errand you just don’t want to run.


DON LEMON IS SUCH A JERK: [2:20] Compare this baloney with Obama’s handling of the H1N1 (aka, swine flu). It began in April 2009 and ultimately infected millions of people in the United States.

By the time Obama took action, at least 20,000 had been hospitalized and more than 1,000 had died. Meanwhile, the Slime Stream Media counseled everyone to stay calm.

2020_03 12 coronavirus state health care

WUHAN CORONAVIRUS: AOC [:20] In unsurprising news, the Slime Stream Media has declared that calling COVID-19 the “Wuhan Coronavirus” is … wait for it … RAAACIST!

Betcha didn’t see that coming. I’m kidding. Of course you did. Just FYI … it’s not racist. It’s just tradition.

-Norovirus/Norwalk, Ohio
-West Nile Virus
-German Measles
-Ross River Fever/river in Australia
-Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever/Omsk, Russia
-Ebola/African river
-Lassa Fever/Lassa, Nigeria
-Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
-Lyme Disease/town in CT
-MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome)

I’ve been calling it COVID-19, since there are a number of different coronaviruses, including the one that causes the common cold. However, since it so annoys Libtards, I will call it the Wuhan Coronavirus from now on.

And I’ll eat Chinese when I want to eat Chinese. I suspect all restaurants in infected areas are feeling the pinch of people choosing to stay home, but that’s probably an economic concept that is too advanced for Alexandria “I majored in Economics” Ocasio-Cortez.

2020_03 12 coronavirus hillary

VITAMIN C: “We need to broadcast a message worldwide very quickly: Vitamin C (small or large dose) does no harm to people and is the one of the few, if not the only, agent that has a chance to prevent us from getting, and can treat, COVID-19 infection. When can we, medical doctors and scientists, put patients’ lives first?” –Richard Z. Cheng, MD, PhD, International Vitamin C China Epidemic Medical Support Team Leader

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SCHADENFREUDE: Hossein Sheikholeslam, one of the top terrorists who stormed the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979, has died of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

2020_03 12 homeless

HOMELESSNESS: New facts and data prove the lies that Progressives have been pushing about homelessness. Given the Left’s passionate disdain for any science that doesn’t support their political agendas, I don’t expect them to pay much attention. However, for the sake of my more-intelligent-than-pet-rocks readers …

A recent Los Angeles Times investigation, 46 percent of the homeless and 75 percent of the unsheltered homeless have a substance-abuse disorder—more than three times higher than official estimates from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

In general, cities have claimed that roughly 25 percent to 39 percent of the homeless suffer from mental-health disorders. As new data from the California Policy Lab show, it’s likely that 50 percent of the homeless and 78 percent of the unsheltered homeless have a serious mental health condition.

Activists and political leaders insist that the homeless are ordinary neighbors who commit crimes at rates comparable with that of the general population. New data from the Downtown Seattle Association proves that homeless individuals are nearly 100 times more likely to commit crimes and get booked into jail than average citizens.

More than 100,000 homeless live on the streets in Democrat-run hell hole cities in California, Oregon, and Washington. Maybe it’s time for voters to wake up and check the R.

ABORTION: The video shows some of the churchgoers inside the church barricading the doors of the Hermosillo Cathedral with wooden pews as the doors shake from being pounded on from the outside by pro-abortion, anti-Catholic protesters.

Considerable violence took place outside the city’s cathedral, where some feminist demonstrators, many of whom wore masks, threw paint and flammable liquids at the church. A group of Catholics had gathered outside the cathedral to safeguard it during the demonstration, and a contingent of female police officers was assigned to the site. Both fell under attack.

… Demonstrators also threw Molotov cocktails at Mexico’s National Palace, the country’s official presidential residence, leaving some at the demonstration with burns and other injuries, smashed car windshields, and burnt the doors of some buildings.

It is inherently violent to murder defenseless children; little wonder pro-aborts resort to violence in support of it.

2020_03 12 weinstein

WEINSTEIN: He’s been sentenced to 23 years, which could amount to an effective life sentence for the 67-year-old sexual predator. He has apparently been in poor health since being jailed following his conviction Feb. 24.

I decided not to post another picture of the disgusting man, but instead found the montage above of women who have said he molested them over his long career as a predatory Hollywood film mogul.

2020_03 12 Tom Arnold

DEMOCRAT DIGNITY AND DECORUM: Warning for GRAPHIC LANGUAGE – Roseanne Barr’s jerk of an ex-husband has been making a name for himself on Twitter by being … well … disgusting. This annoys me primarily because I love the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, “True Lies”, in which he has a fairly substantial role.

In addition to the repellent tweet posted above, he has also tweeted that Trump should not get too cocky about the big turn out at his Texas rally, because “They showed up for JFK too.”

He doesn’t just hate Trump. He also hates Trum supporters, particularly the Black and female ones. He tweeted about Diamond and Silk, “I’d like to investigate every crack curve & crevice of you two tons of fun’s heavenly bodies. I’ll start with intensive oral examination of your naughty bits. So take off all yo clothes & get your big booties butts back into Big Daddy’s hot tub. Don’t bring Streisand. Too freaky.”

He also went after Blexit founder Candace Owens after she criticized Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, who is white, but pretends to be black. “That’s a lot of extra words @RealCandaceO so you can suck racist d— by trying to insult an actual hero @ShaunKing hahahaha. #MAGA.”

CARROT HARVESTER: This is so cool! [1:21].

KRATU: Funny video of a fun-loving (but not terribly obedient!) Romanian rescue dog on the agility course at Crufts 2019.

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  1. Carrot harvester – a good example of why back-to-the-land small farming will never succeed. I want some carrot soup.

    That poor, poor Mr. Arnold. It must be so hard when your main claim to fame is you used to be married to Rosanne.

    I could only watch about 0:20 of Don Lemon ranting. My tolerance for these people gets less every day.

    Calling the Chinese-origin virus Chinese is something-or-otherish. Which, of course, all the media were themselves doing until they weren’t. h/t A♠ for this [2:07]

    Black man eating Chinese food while watching AOC lecture on racism. [2:15]

    Peripheral consequences of the pandemic panic abound: Thai monkey gangs swarm street, fighting over food – the tourists who usually throw them scraps aren’t touring. Again h/t A♠. [0:10]

    Here’s a short amusement h/t Tami on A♠:

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