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Bits & Bytes

LENTEN MEDITATION: [6:20] A great way to make this Lent even better spiritually is to offer up not only something you chose, but also to offer up your inconveniences. Give God those moments when you’re stuck in traffic, or when someone says something bitter to you, or when you have to run an errand you just don’t want to run.

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My latest update from the campaign trail

MINI SUPER TUESDAY: Results from March 10 Democratic primaries I heard Biden won a lot, but didn’t care enough to read anything much about it. Andrew Klavan’s latest is worth reading though. LOL

The media is cheering Joe Biden’s fighting spirit after video emerged of the Democrat presidential candidate beating a voter to death with a tire iron and burying his body in a shallow grave.

The incident occurred at a campaign stop in Michigan that Biden thought was Mississippi.

The voter approached Biden and asked him about his record on gun rights, whereupon Biden flew into a rage and would have shouted four-letter words at the man but could only remember words of three letters or less.”

Read the rest @ https://www.dailywire.com/news/hes-a-fighter-say-proud-democrats-after-joe-biden-slaughters-voter-buries-him-in-shallow-grave-satire

Klavan also proposed a new debate format for Bernie vs. Biden @ https://www.dailywire.com/news/cnn-proposes-new-debate-format-where-candidates-sit-on-a-porch-rocker-struggling-to-put-a-sentence-together-satire

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