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My latest update from the campaign trail

Update: Two of the videos disappeared, so I found new ones and did some tweaking to my commentary.

2020 Clinton Pelosi

COLLECTIVIZATION: It’s a Left wing ethos Sumantra Maitre writes at The Federalist, “The coalescing of the Democratic field behind Joe Biden just ahead of Super Tuesday, with the message discipline and precision of a Soviet Central Committee, is a testament to the fact that not those on the right but those on the left are mechanical in support of their candidates.

Compare it with the 2016 cycle, and you’d see there was simply no such elite establishment machinations on the right during elections. The right, for good or for bad, is comparatively freer and more welcoming to anti-establishment ideas and personalities. The left leaders, on the other hand, will form a Roman phalanx behind a lamppost if that lamppost is their candidate.

Consider the fact that there is still a formal Never Trump crew. There will unlikely ever be a formal Never Bernie or Never Biden.

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