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2020_03 07 wash pray

2020_03 07 daylight

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME: Move your clocks ahead one hour between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

2020_03 07 Project much Nance

TRUMP ECONOMY: Despite coronavirus nerves, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 273,000 new jobs were added in February.

Forecasters had predicted 175,000.

2020_03 07 sanctuary

SANCTUARY: The Trump administration is moving forward on a program to withhold funding from sanctuary cities.

2020_03 07 Dems locusts

LEFTIST HYPOCRISY: There is an excellent piece at the link. If you have any thoughtful friends who are still clinging to their precious “Democrats are the good people” lie, give it to them.

When Black, Latino, Asian, or female candidates fail to meet one or another fine point of the DNC’s rules for qualifying to debate, the Democrats do not change the rules. But when a White billionaire man shows up, they do change the rules just for him. Thus, for all their moralizing, the Democrats become the party of White male privilege by the choice of their voters. So diversity matters, only it really does not. Blackface matters, only it does not. A woman’s claim of rape always is to be believed over a man’s denial, only it is not. Science is to be regarded, only it is not. The Constitution is inviolate, only it is not. The judicial system is what protects us from tyranny, only it does not.

2020_03 07 How

AMERICA ISN’T SEXIST: Democrats just keep giving us terrible female candidates.

“Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi blamed an element of misogyny on the fact that we won’t have a woman president after this next election.

“Again, that’s Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful elected Democrat in the Land. Two heartbeats away from the presidency, and all that. When Barack Obama was president, she was the second most powerful Democrat. She’s a woman who’s been at the top of the American political food chain for a long time.

“But misogyny, or something.”

2020_03 07 cruelty to animals

ABORTION: The abortion industry is showing its true and bloody colors in testimony before the Supreme Court as they fight tooth and nail to prevent states from being allowed to require abortionists have hospital admitting privileges.

CHILD ABUSE: [:28]Warning … if you watch this, you’re gonna wish there really is such a thing as brain bleach.

2020_03 07 fake global warming

CLIMATE: A new study has been able to trace sea levels back to long before the advent of industrialization and … oh guess what … they’ve been rising very gradually (millimeters per year) at a near constant rate since the end of the last ice age – i.e., since long before we began burning fossil fuels.

Wow, what a shock! The planet got really cold and a lot of the water in the oceans froze! And then it got warmer and a lot of the ice melted!

2020_03 07 Texas flu

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