My latest update from the campaign trail

TRUMP: I didn’t know he was a germaphobe … it’s impressive that he is willing to shake hands with anyone and everyone [15:35]For Democrats, the Super Tuesday news was that the race is now down to Biden and Bernie.

But the real news should be that Republicans are so fired up about the uncontested Trump that, in many states, Republican primary voter turnout exceeded Democrat.

McCONNELL: [9:45]Brutal and well deserved words of truth about today’s Democratic Party.

2020 warren

FAUXCAHONTAS: About endorsing one of the remaining candidates, she said, “I need some space around this and want to take time to think a little more.”

Translation: “I am holding out for a better offer.

2020 dies

DEMOCRATS: More of their famous decency and dignity.

CANDACE OWENS: She’s so articulate [3:18].

2020 abortion

CATHOLIC VOTE: “This passage should give pause to those self-identified Christians who glibly announce that they are pro-choice. The Didache was not indifferent about abortion nor does it hesitate to list abortion (and infanticide) with other gross violations of the natural and moral law: murder, adultery, pederasty, sexual immorality, magic and sorcery, coveting, perjury, greed, and conspiracies (2:1–7). The pagans were known to try to induce abortions, which the Didache prohibits. It is hard to imagine the author of the Didache announcing that he is personally opposed to abortion but supported it as a matter of public policy any more than they would say the same about murder of adults, pederasty, and the like.” – Scott Clark

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