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2020 pelosi

DIRTY DEMOCRATS: Speaker Pelosi held back a House bill to fund the fight against coronavirus, all the while criticizing President Trump for not doing enough.

According to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, her motivation in refusing to bring the bill forward for a vote was to allow Democrats to run Super Tuesday ads criticizing Republicans for not doing enough.

SUPER TUESDAY: [5:56]Biden won at least eight states on Super Tuesday, putting him in first place in the delegate count. Sanders won Colorado, Vermont, and California.

BIDEN: Tucker Carlson [10:39] – Joe Biden will be whatever type of leader he is told to be.

“Biden has spent his whole life trying to succeed at presidential politics. Now he has. Too bad he’s not here to enjoy it.”

2020 gross

BOLSHEVIK BERNIE: Alan Gross was imprisoned in Cuba for five years, during which time he lost five teeth. When Sen. Sanders visited him in prison, he used their time together to defend the Cuban government.

2020 mini mike

MINI MIKE: Bloomberg spent more than half a billion and couldn’t buy himself a single primary win.

It’s time for Shrillary to shut the hell up about how Russia supposedly bought Trump the White House.

2020 california

CALIFORNIA: California held its primary for all 54 congressional seats on Super Tuesday and the outcome should have the Dems feeling very nervous.

It looks like nine Democratic seats could be flipped and the one red seat that is in play looks to stay red.

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