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2020_02 28 Still a sin

2020_02 28 CNN

CORONAVIRUS: [1:58] Read the CDC’s latest information.

PENCE: [2:42]President Trump has put Vice President Mike Pence in charge of a coronavirus task force.

IMMIGRATION: [1:46] The DOJ is going to start going after naturalized citizens who lied about their criminal records to become American citizens. This will only apply to serious crimes, such as rape, murder, and terrorism.

In other news, the 2nd Circuit Court in New York has agreed that the Trump administration has the right to deny grant money to states that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

TRUMP: Hope for Prisoners graduation [:59].

SHARIA: [2:24]In Muslim-majority countries that practice Sharia law, women are degraded, disrespected, and beaten. They need permission to work. Husbands own all of a woman’s property. The husband must give consent before a woman can get a divorce. If the man wants one, the woman doesn’t even need to be present.

2020_02 28 trans

TRANS: More abuses from activists –

  1. “Woke” politics continues to trample on the hard-won progress female athletes have made.  This latest story is about a “transitioned” (hormones) weight lifter who wants to compete on “her” nation’s Olympic team.
  2. The Maddison Elementary involves a biologically-male teacher demanding the right to use his elementary school’s girls bathroom and the lawsuit this has triggered from concerned parents.

2020_02 28 culture of death

CULTURE OF DEATH: The world took another step closer to the bad old days of pre-Christian RomeGermany’s Federal Constitutional Court has ruled in favor of legalizing assisted suicide.

The right to a self-determined death is not limited to situations defined by external causes like serious or incurable illnesses, nor does it only apply in certain stages of life or illness. Rather, this right is guaranteed in all stages of a person’s existence.”

I predict that the next step for these servants of Satan will be to force health professionals to participate in assisted suicide, regardless of their personal, religious, or moral objections.

2020_02 28 catholic

CATHOLICISM: “Why does the Catholic Church hate gay people?”A priest writes with what he calls “modest goals.” To “show that the Catholic Church does not hate anyone” and “to propose a reason why, to many, the Church seems to do just that.

The Catholic position on homosexual behaviour is reasonable, coherent, and proposed in good faith. It is, in fact, coming from a place of deep love and compassion. The Church teaches that every human being possesses an incomparable and innate dignity. We are called to become sons and daughters of God and indeed saints. The Church’s teaching on homosexual behaviour, by her own standards, is aimed at nothing less than promoting that dignity.”

2020_02 28 favorite child

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