Abortion red line`

These three senators’ moral red lines confound me. How can anyone, in this day and age, still believe the right to life begins with breathing?

2020_02 27 life support

Advanced medical technology now makes it possible to sustain life in people who can’t breathe on their own, whose hearts aren’t beating on their own, and who have no detectable brain activity.

This has made the definition of the end of life a lot more ethically complex.

Should it not also make the definition of the beginning of life more ethically complex?

The fetal heart begins to form just 22 days after fertilization; its beat can be detected about one week later.

Two weeks after that, the fetus has detectable brain activity.

NOTE: When the doctor says “7 weeks, 2 days”, he’s talking about the pregnancy date, which is from LMP – i.e., the first day of the Last Menstrual Period. Fertilization typically happens 14 days after LMP.

Also notice how this doctor is talking to the excited parents about “the baby” and its “head” and its “little tush.” If this were an abortion consultation, he’d be calling it “a clump of cells” or “the products of conception.”

2020_02 27 waterboard

And what about the ethical implications of torture? I remember a lot of people being very upset about waterboarding, which is uncomfortable as hell, but causes no permanent damage. In fact, the photo above was taken of a volunteer allowing the procedure to be performed on him during a protest demonstration. Meanwhile …

  • Ethicists debate whether lethal injections are painless enough to morally use to execute convicted criminals;
  • Vegans tell us it is evil to drink milk or eat an unfertilized egg; and
  • Five states have proposed legislation to ban declawing cats, because some people say it is cruel.

But D&E (aka, dismemberment) abortion is okay?

Above: Father Pavone describes a D&E (dismemberment) abortion.

Below: An  abortionist describes how it’s done.

Personally, I think when it comes to important questions like Is torturing a living creature to death ever moral? and “When does life begin?”, we should err on the side of caution … unlike the students in this next video, who are on board with the Democrats’ “any time for any reason” excuse for morality.

Science tells us that each of us became a living, growing human being at the moment of conception. As far as I’m concerned, that ought to be when our constitutional right to life should begin.

As for dismemberment abortions, call me crazy, but I just thinking ripping any living being apart is so far beyond wrong that I can’t believe we’re having to discuss it.


2020_02 27 flash

While I was researching this, I came across an article that explained (and debunked) the “flash of light” that reportedly, but (sadly) does not actually happen at the moment of conception.

When a sperm enters an egg, zinc is released. Researchers used a chemical and special lights to see the zinc. So that is what is in the photo.


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2 responses to “ABORTION: Red Lines

  1. Didn’t watch today’s vids on this hard topic. Maybe later. I presume none of them was the one I read about, on TikTok I think, where a couple of girls were giggling while live-streaming one of them having an abortion.



    • chrissythehyphenated

      No, not that one! Yoiks. But I sympathize with you skipping the others. I was grumpy for hours after putting this together. The student opinion one particularly bothered me. They showed ultrasound photos to students who said they supported a woman’s right to choose up until birth and asked, “Does this change your mind?” Only one person said yes. The others got these cold, hard looks on their faces as they said no. It’s “the woman’s body.” I don’t know how many opinions they garnered that day, but only one of the people they included said the right to life begins at conception, but even he waffled on rape, incest, and life of the mother.

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