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My latest update from the campaign trail

2020 Trump rally

TRUMP RALLY: As seen by a “recovering Leftist” – “The staging area was roped off to form a long, snaking chute for people lining up for the Trump rally. These 30 rows or so, each the length of a city block, were considerably longer than the TSA line at Denver International Airport. …

We got in line and were immediately introduced to our queue companions, with whom we would be spending the next five and a half hours. There were whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, young, old, straight, and gay people, decked out unapologetically in stars and stripes, celebrating freedom of expression they wouldn’t dare at the supermarket. There was no squabbling, line-cutting, or littering, just thousands of people happily standing in the cold, knowing they could be themselves without Antifa punching them in the face — also knowing they might not get in.”

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Abortion red line`

These three senators’ moral red lines confound me. How can anyone, in this day and age, still believe the right to life begins with breathing?

2020_02 27 life support

Advanced medical technology now makes it possible to sustain life in people who can’t breathe on their own, whose hearts aren’t beating on their own, and who have no detectable brain activity.

This has made the definition of the end of life a lot more ethically complex.

Should it not also make the definition of the beginning of life more ethically complex?

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