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2020_02 26 Ash Wed

CORONAVIRUS: Let us all offer up at least a portion of our Lenten prayers and sacrifices this year for God’s healing and mercy.

2020_02 26 defund

SCOTUS: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals voted 7-4 to lift injunctions blocking the Trump’s “Protect Life Rule.”

The rule requires that abortion businesses separate their abortion services from their family planning/birth control services both physically and fiscally in order to qualify for Title X family planning federal funding.

2020_02 26 Papadopoulos

SPYGATE UPDATE: Recently declassified FBI memos contain evidence that the Mueller team deliberately lied to the court in order to convict and jail George Papadopoulos, a former volunteer foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign.

The sentencing memorandum said Papadopoulos impeded the FBI’s investigation into Joseph Mifsud.

The memos (aka, 302s) show the exact opposite is true. Papadopolous did his best to help the FBI find Mifsud.

2020_02 26 CNN

Clown News Network:  The original report from Reuters says nothing about Italy.

The German government is not considering closing the country’s borders at the moment due to the coronavirus outbreak, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry said on Monday.”

TRANS: Five facts [3:04].

2020_02 26 Bernie Matthews

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: MSDNC hack Chris Matthews has apologized for comparing Bernie Sanders’ recent primary victory to the fall of France to Nazi Germany.

“Tingles” has not apologized for comparing President Trump to the ‘Butcher of Uganda’ Idi Amin, Julius Caesar, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, or Satan.

He has also not apologized for saying the president’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner were like Saddam Hussein’s murderous sons working for their dictator father.

He has also not apologized for saying he hoped “Mussolini” Trump would kill off Kushner.

He has also not apologized for stating at least six times that he hoped the entire Trump family would be assassinated like the Romanovs.

2020_02 26 Harvey

WEINSTEIN: Long-time sexual predator and now convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein faces a long time in jail.

Harvey is also a long-time Democrat donor who has been cozy with the Clintons, the Obamas, and other leaders in the Progressive camp.

LESBIAN WALKS AWAY: The LGBT community is eating its own [2:50] –Never in my life have I been more canceled, tortured, tormented, harassed than by members of my own community. … I’m officially leaving the Left.”

This also happened to Kevin DuJan when he turned his back on Barack Obama.

ABORTION: [1:20]Bishop Patrick L. Wooden, Sr. blasted the racist and eugenic history of Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger.

2020_02 26 blank

GRAMMY NOTES: I had a thought today that the Eucharist is kind of like the blank tiles in Scrabble. When a blank is played, it still looks blank, but it becomes the specific letter the player intended. So too when bread is consecrated, it still looks and tastes like bread, but it becomes the body of Jesus Christ.

2020_02 26 DOGS then and now


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3 responses to “Bits & Bytes

  1. CNN-Germany bordering on Italy. What a pathetic organization.

    Although the gist can be understood from your graphic, I had to go to the original tweet just to see the whole CNN screen-grab.

    CNN, the most reliable name in FakeNews


  2. Harvey is also a long-time Democrat donor who has been cozy with the Clintons, the Obamas, and other leaders in the Progressive camp.

    Perhaps we can thank Harvey if we never have an Oprah for President run?