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Comrade Bernie

How much will it all cost? He has no idea. [:51]

Other people who have run the numbers say his plans would cost about $97.5 trillion over the next decade or approximately $10 Trillion per year.

The federal government currently takes in about $3 Trillion and spends about $4 Trillion per year.

Does Bernie Sanders care about our increasingly unsustainable national debt?

Hell no! He thinks we should INCREASE it by $9 TRILLION PER YEAR.

So, Bernie Sanders?


Not now.


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My latest update from the campaign trail

GUTFELD: About the latest debate [8:42] – This is fun.

BLACK VOTE: Candace Owens with Maria Bartiromo [7:19].

SANDERS vs. TRUMP: Steve Hilton [8:19].

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2020_02 24 Ofeendedistas

Hat tip: Bob

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