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2020_02 23 pray the alphabet

2020_02 23 10th

TEN YEARS: Wow – This is also my 500th Bits & Bytes. Mind boggling!

2020_02 23 chrysostom

THE FIRST CHRISTIANS WERE NOT SOCIALISTS: “Some critics say not only that Catholics can be socialists, but that they should be socialists because that was how the first Christians lived. … But when we examine the biblical and historical evidence a different picture emerges: the first Christians lived in communities that practiced voluntary charity rather than mandatory communism or socialism.

“Classic socialism (which in many contexts is interchangeable with the term ‘communism’) rejects the natural right to own private property. … Pope Leo XIII said, ‘the main tenet of socialism, [the] community of goods, must be utterly rejected.’

Read the rest of the article by Trent Horn.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Whacky Moments from the past week [6:30].

2020_02 22 thugs

TOLERANCE: A northwestern Indiana couple shot video of themselves using their car to force 14-year-old twin boys on bicycles off the road, then the two brainiacs posted it to Snapchat.

The driver swerved at the boys, forcing them onto roadside grass, then followed the boys before exiting the car and tearing off the TRUMP flag from one of the bikes. After dropping the flag and running over it with their car, they drove off.

They’ve been charged with two felony counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness, plus one count each of misdemeanor theft and criminal mischief.

2020_02 23 PP not health care

ABORTION: “Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest violators of human rights, especially the right to life. All their talk about fighting for women and women’s rights is just a screen so they can make money doing what they love doing best – killing babies.” – Pete Baklinski

FASTING: Why do it? [8:47] It’s not to get God’s attention, because we already have that. Father Mike talks about legitimate reasons, which include self-mastery, obedience, discernment, worship, sacrifice, repentance, and to be a co-redeemer with Jesus.

GRAMMY NOTES: Buzz and Bunny are preparing to receive their First Holy Communions. Their godparents got them the LEGO “Father Leopold Celebrates Mass” set. In the first picture, Bootz has deepened his voice for Father Leopold to read the Gospel. “Jesus loves everyone.” In the second, Father Leopold is distributing Holy Eucharist. I think he’s got the basics. 🙂

The Mascots are also preparing for First Penance and will be getting the LEGO “Father John Hears Confession” set. “Made out of genuine LEGO® pieces, he promises to pray well with others.” 🙂

2020_02 23 Want to be a caterpillar

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  1. Congrats on ten years. And almost nine years since I got a WordPress account just to comment on here!

    Also congrats on 500 B&Bs. Lots of choice stuff.

    Can you imagine if – ten years ago – someone had told you, Donald Trump will be President in 2020 and have undone a huge amount of the damage done by Obama and his predecessors in just his first term, would you laugh or just move quietly away from the crazy person. And yet…!

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