My latest update from the campaign trail

PROFILES IN CORRUPTION: Must watch [10:02] Stuff you have never heard from the media.

2020 Dem convention

MILWAUKEE WILL BURN: The Democrat’s convention to nominate their candidate for president is scheduled for July 13–16, 2020. Politico reports that Bloomberg is doing his best to buy the nomination.

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker writes, “The pieces are falling in place for a complete debacle for the Democrats, up to and including a convention walkout and riots if Michael Bloomberg’s plans to gain the nomination succeed.  Under that scenario, an embittered radical wing of the party convinced that they have been betrayed in favor of a greedy plutocrat would not provide the necessary votes to defeat President Trump’s ambitions for a second term.  More likely, they would back a third-party radical candidate, or stay home.

“But not before rioting in protest on a scale that would make the riots at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention that torpedoed the campaign of Hubert Humphrey look like a garden party.”

BLACK VOTE: [8:52] What Trump has promised AND delivered.

NEVADA DEBATE: [1:13] A few of the top moments.

MEATHEAD MIKE: [:50] During his first Democratic presidential debate, Michael Bloomberg was “beaten like a piñata and came off as the village idiot.”

2020 Bloomberg had a farm

MINI MIKE: Newsweek reports that Bloomberg’s presidential campaign plans has hired more than 500 “deputy digital organizers” to work up to 30 hours a week and promote his talking points to online friends and phone contact lists, reportedly paying them each $2,500 a month.

COMRADE BERNIE: From William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection – “Chris Matthews on MSNBC is not taking Bernie’s victory in the Nevada caucuses well. It signals to him that Bernie is unstoppable in the Democrat primaries. Such a result would be the end of the Democrat Party as a viable force, a result so serious that he compared it to the fall of France in 1940 to Germany.”

2020_02 23 weird

TDS: Babylon Bee has noticed how weird it is that the Democrat’s front runner is loudly touting communism and praising the Soviet Union …

… while for the past three years, the Democrat party has been practicing “duck and cover” because of the Red Menace posed by Orange Man Bad.

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