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2020_02 22 No fear in love

2020_02 22 education

EDUCATION: It should tell us something that not a single academic from a former communist country that I interviewed for this book was willing to speak using their own name — this, in the Land of the Free. Why not? Because they were afraid of facing professional consequences for speaking out against identity politics and the ‘social justice’ regime.

This article is well worth your time. (Hat tip to Bob.)

2020_02 22 media

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Remember when a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask and it was all the fake news media could talk about for a week? The poor clown got black balled for doing it, yet the exact same gag had been done during the previous administration and nobody thought anything of it.

John Nolte of Breitbart News has assembled a list of 389 liberal attacks on conservatives since 2015 that the media ignores. These attacks include vandalism and physical attacks, such as the college professor who cracked a man’s head open with an iron pipe.

ABORTION: [1:50] A teen depicting herself as going to the doctor for a gender reveal and then later opening a piece of paper to excitedly show that the child had been aborted.

The young woman behind the video now says that she was never pregnant, but that she made the video as a “joke.”

2020_02 22 Georgia

GEORGIA: Georgia has introduced the Choose Life license plate design for state drivers who want to spread the pro-life message. A portion of the cost of the plates will go to support non-profit pregnancy centers in the state, which give women experiencing unplanned pregnancies the emotional, physical, and financial support they need.

About 30 other states also have Choose Life option for their plates. In Michigan and Rhode Island, the governors vetoed the bills. New York went to court to fight having to add the option.

2020_02 22 pregnancy

LIFE: A culture that fails to truly value motherhood naturally becomes hostile to the gift of new life. When the Church compassionately serves mothers, it witnesses to the beauty of human life. There is a great need for real, tangible assistance for expectant mothers. Christ calls us to serve those most alone and in need. In a world that often turns it back on mothers who sacrifice so much of themselves, may we, the Church’s members, rise to help mothers in need of assistance and support.

Dear Lord, Please grant my church community the graces it needs to provide compassionate, tangible support to expectant moms needing assistance. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

2020_02 22 Rachel's bunny-ghan is done!

GRAMMY NOTES: I just finished crocheting this bunny-ghan for my bunny loving cousin who turned 50 recently. I love the color she chose!

2020_02 22 cerberus

CERBERUS: The Proto-Indo-European word k̑érberos, meaning spotted. This may have been the origin for the Greek name of Hades’ multi-headed dog. So if Hades gets angry at his dog, he can yell, “Out, damned Spot! Out, I say!

2020_02 22 DOG adopted

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