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TRUMP: [1:20]Robert Spencer at PJ Media asks, “What exactly is wrong with a president putting America first?

Obama put America last. Then, after deliberately diminishing our economic and military strength and apologizing and shaming us all over the world, he got huffy because the other world leaders no longer considered him Top Dog.

Sharyl Attkisson writes at The Hill why she thinks Trump will win regardless of who the Dems nominate. But let’s not get complacent and stay home! Get Out And Vote! Or, be like me and mail it in early from the comfort of your air filtered oasis. 🙂

2020 booty

BOOTY JUDGE: South Benders warn the country that Mayor Pete didn’t really build the things he claims as his mayoral achievements.

Indiana’s Republican Party chairman notes that Buttigieg is claiming credit for development projects, but that he actually had “little, if anything, to do with that. … I found it ironic that when he announced his presidential run, he did it in front of Studebaker Building 84, which had sat vacant since 1963. But it was $3.5 million from then-Gov. Mike Pence’s Regional Cities Initiative that made that project go.”

Pete’s brother-in-law is more than underwhelmed as well.Everything that Pete is pushing is … anti-God. … Nothing lines up with Scripture. … He’s the one that is openly contradicting God’s word over and over.”

He also says he laments that “we have someone running for commander in chief who can’t make a moral decision on whether to keep a child after it’s already been born or to have it killed” and finds it alarming to think what kind of moral decisions he’d make as president.

In less serious Booty news, Babylon Bee reports that Pete has released “a new study Bible with tens of thousands of notes explaining why most of the verses are wrong, incorrect, and outdated. …

“Verses on sexual immorality are waved away as Buttigieg explains how the ignorant farmers, fishermen, and prophets who wrote the Bible simply weren’t as enlightened as we are today. And Buttigieg adds his commentary on Jesus’s ministry, pointing out all the ways that Jesus was obviously a socialist.”

COMRADE BERNIE: [:12] Genesius Times (satire) reports that Sanders has selected convicted white collar criminal Bernie Madoff as his VP running mate, citing his years of experience ripping people off.

Bernie is a nasty son of a bitch and he’s currently locked up. But no one else from the private sector has as much experience as he does in Ponzi schemes, which is basically what all my government programs are.”

CtH: My brother taught at Beijing University for a year. He told us that the day he decided to make an omelet, he had to stand in separate lines for each ingredient, sometimes for hours, with no guarantee the item wouldn’t be sold out when he got to the front.

When he returned to the U.S. to teach at university, he often hosted Chinese groups who were sent over by their government for summer classes. The #1 thing they always wanted to see was “a real American store.”

He’d take them to a TOPS or a Wal*Mart and they’d say, “No, not the government store you show to foreigners. The stores Americans shop at.” He’d put them back on the bus and drive around, telling them to just point when they saw a place they wanted to stop at.

They were always agog at the quantity and quality and prices of what we take for granted. Wal*Mart and supermarkets always blew them away. They would stand and gawp at aisle upon aisle of every kind of food and household goods they could imagine.

He said the biggest problem he always had with these groups was getting them back on the plane home, because they bought SO MUCH STUFF. And it wasn’t touristy stuff, like we bring home from vacations. It was the kind of stuff we go to Wal*Mart for … lawn chairs, thermal blankets, etc.

If communism is so great, why would they do that? Bernie says government-control makes for a People’s Paradise! Surely they didn’t need to lug home lawn chairs to China, right? Apparently not.

MINI MIKE: “Your answer to Trump is gonna be a 78-year old billionaire.” LOL

Even more ludicrous is any “plan” claiming to make us carbon neutral by whenever. Cuz, yeah, we can totes make steel with solar panels and wind mills. ::eyeroll::

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