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2020 reboot

GRATITUDE: A FB friend posted this and it was so perfect for our discussion about gratitude.

God thought up the very idea of humor and gave us the ability to think things are funny! What an amazing gift!”

It’s so true, but I never thought of it quite like that or thought to thank Him for it before!

BONGINO: [1:03:44]Why did the DOJ drop the McCabe case? If you’re frustrated by this recent news, I suggest you listen. He makes a lot of sense.

2020_02 19 DOJ complaint

COMPLAINTS: Gotta wonder how many of them are worrying Barr will dig up dirt on their corruption.

MIKE FLYNN UPDATE: [3:33] His new lawyer, Sidney Powell, speaks out on ‘Hannity.’

AG Barr has assigned a DC outsider to review the Flynn case, Jeffrey Jensen, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri.

2020_02 19 12 weeks

ROE v WADE: An article in Harvard Law Journal examines the history of the word “person” in constitutional law.

MASS SHOOTINGS: [4:09] Eleven kids were killed by gun violence last week-end in Chicago.

Where are all the anti-gun activists and reporters?



Because the guns used were all illegal in allegedly “gun free” Chicago.

If the kind of gun control that Democrats praise actually worked to eliminate gun violence, Chicago would be as safe as Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

VIRGINIA: [2:49]A handful of Democrats helped kill off a controversial “assault weapon” ban bill. Hurray!

ACOSTA SLANDERS RUSH: [6:44] Jim is a jerk. Don’t be like Jim.

2020_02 19 1 Thess 5

GRAMMY NOTES: I love how my girls love God! The 1 Thess 5 screenshot came from Warrior Princess during our ongoing group text about gratitude.

This was Mama Buzz’s response – “The one thing I don’t skip with the kids, no matter how late we get to bed, is our basic bedtime prayers. We always do at least the Guardian Angel prayer and a few rounds of thank yous to God for various things and/or people. This has been especially helpful for me if I’ve had a scrappy day because it reminds me how much we have to be thankful for. I admit sometimes I mock myself in them. For example, if I’m especially frustrated with my lack of progress at purging and organizing our messes, I thank God for an abundance of toys, books, etc and a roomy house.”

“Scrappy” ::giggle:: She’s trying to clean up her language. I think that is an adorable substitution for the word she used to use … and I still do use. I need to switch to this one too. 🙂

2020_02 19 Yarn look back


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  1. Re Judges and attorneys condemning Barr and calling for his resignation and removal — I think it’s nice of all these enemies to self-identify. heh. (Adds names to list.)


    “Scrappy” ::giggle:: She’s trying to clean up her language.

    I knew an elderly Very Seriously Baptist woman who did allow herself one ‘curse’ expression (that we kids ever heard, anyway). “Shoot a blue bean.” We thought that was so funny. Took me a while before I realized the phrase’s likely etymology. “Sh…” , I’ve resorted to it myself sometimes.


    “God thought up the very idea of humor and gave us the ability to think things are funny!”

    At first I felt hurt when I realized that the angels aren’t laughing with me; they’re laughing at me, until I got the joke.

    Can’t imagine trying to face this mortal world without at least a sardonic grin, if not a full-on bellylaugh.

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