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BREAKING NEWS: Zeducation video covers the latest hypocritical and ridiculous moments from the Democrat campaign trail courtesy of social media [12:41] Meanwhile, Andrew Klavan JUST got the inside scoop on the Democrat’s latest Sure Fire Plan to return themselves to power –

If we can just express outrage over every word the president says and enlist our media allies to transform every trivial eccentricity into the sort of shocking scandal that has absolutely nothing to do with people’s lives, then surely the public will eventually come around and give up the nation’s peace and prosperity in order to denounce the atrocities this president is committing in our imaginations. Then, when the ground is prepared, we unleash the big gun: impeachment. Once the public sees that we have actually produced a list of obscure but legal-sounding sort-of-crimes and almost-misdemeanors, they will absolutely glue themselves to their TVs, shaking their heads in shock and awe at the uplifting eloquence of Adam Schiff’s historic sanctimonious hypocrisy.”

When asked how this plan would differ from what the Democrats have been doing up till now, their spokesman replied, ‘Huh?’

At CNN, elite intellectual Don Lemon said, ‘Oh man, wait till all those stupid rube Americans see this baby. With this plan and an 80-year-old Communist at the top of our ticket, I don’t see how we can lose.’”

BOOTY JUDGE: [19:36] Mayor Pete is only a “moderate” when you compare him to Bernie Sanders, who honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

In reality, Booty Judge is way to the left of Barack Obama.

BRO: [7:48]Peter Schweitzer says, “I found that, really, over the course of 30 years, beginning when he was mayor of Burlington, VT, when he was in Congress, later, when he was in the U.S. Senate, he has steered lots of money to his family. Sometimes taxpayer money, sometimes campaign money. So, his family’s become quite wealthy through his public service.”

FAUXCAHONTAS: She can’t run against the Trump Economy … so she has to lie.

2020 culinary

NO ENDORSEMENT: Nevada’s powerful Culinary Workers’ Union announced that it will not endorse a candidate in the upcoming Democratic Primary. They’re not happy about all the promises to force their workers to trade in their high quality, hard-won union worker health care benefits for “Medicare For All.”

Mike Huckabee wonders if Trump’s success in bringing back blue collar jobs, creating a booming economy, and presiding over rising wages might be forcing union bosses who reflexively back Democrats to listen to their members, who like what Trump is doing and don’t want to go back to the Democrats’ stagnation and war on free enterprise.

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