Media Malpractice

2020_02 13 30 years

THIRTY YEAR CAR LOANS: Who knew?Katy Tur, who hosts a politics news show on MSDNC, said during a live broadcast from New Hampshire that the Trump economy isn’t working for some people.

They might have a job, but it’s not a job that pays their bills. They can get a car, but it’s a loan that will take 30 years.”

2020_02 13 Partisan trends

NEW YORK TIMES: Perpetrating a lie Maggie Habermas tweeted, “Republican voter registration in NH is down roughly 20k voters from 2016 to now. It’s a reminder that Trump’s increased GOP popularity is in part because in some places, the GOP registration rolls have shrunk.”

This bit of fake news has been debunked repeatedly.

CNN: Perpetrating a lieCNN’s Cristina Alesci warned viewers to be wary of recently surfaced audio of 2020 Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg proudly promoting the stop-and-frisk policies he championed as mayor of New York City.

She claimed we don’t have the full audio of the former mayor’s remarks, so we don’t have the full context. But this is not true. The video above has been available since February 2015 and can be located easily with an internet search.

RED SCARE: NBC News’s Heidi Przybyla passed on a conspiracy theory tweet alleging that  the Kremlin is responsible for making the hashtag “#BloombergIsRacist” a top-trending news topic on social media.

She later deleted it, but not before she’d shared it with her 145,000 Twitter followers.

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