My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 NH primary results

NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY RESULTS: The January Monmouth poll got the first two right; the rest, not so much.

2020 Monmouth poll NH

TUCKER: [6:35] The Left and their lapdogs in the media are refusing to report that Bernie got the most votes.

Meanwhile, Quid Pro Joe did the same thing that got him into trouble back in the 80s – i.e., he plagiarized someone else’s speech.

2020 Warren Medicare toon by Branco

FAUXCAHONTAS: From Charles Lipson at SpectatorAfter her paltry showing in New Hampshire, Elizabeth Warren will soon be gone, a victim of her faux personality, her failure at identity politics, her badgering, eat-your-spinach style, and her crucial mistake of telling voters how much her healthcare program will actually cost. …

Most of New Hampshire’s population is situated on the Massachusetts border, well within the Boston media market. They know Warren, and they do not like her. So, the question is: where does her shrinking voter base migrate after she exits the race and cancels her 23andMe membership?

The main contenders for her voters are Bernie (in the lead), followed by Buttigieg, Bloomberg, and perhaps Klobuchar. Biden is fading fast and will crash out unless he wins big in South Carolina, which looks increasingly unlikely. The other minor candidates will depart as well.

That leaves Buttigieg, Bloomberg, and Klobuchar competing for the center-left lane, all seeking the chance to compete one-on-one with Bernie. Sanders should grow stronger after Warren exits. That’s certainly what everyone expects, given their similar ideologies. But some votes could go to Klobuchar (if Warren’s supporters were concerned about gender) or Mayor Pete (if Warren’s supporters were attracted by her elite, intellectual progressivism).”

2020 Biden fourth

QUID PRO JOE: Matt Margolis at PJ Media says Biden’s candidacy is in a death spiral that started at the same time the Ukraine phone call thing did.

He’s even lost the support of the harridans on The View.

2020_02 12 Why Trump

TRUMPers: Excerpted from Sally Zelikovsky at American ThinkerFormer one-term Republican congressman and radio host Joe Walsh recently withdrew from the Republican primary saying the Republican party had become an unbeatable cult of Trump.

Walsh couldn’t be more wrong.  Cultists follow their leaders with blind faith and, like automatons, comport themselves exactly how the cult leader instructs them. Trump, on the contrary, is doing what we want him to do — what we’ve wanted every Republican president, presidential candidate, and congressperson to do for decades.

That’s not a cult; it’s literally the definition of a Democratic Republic — we vote for representatives to do what we want them to do.  If they don’t, we vote for others who will. We went with Trump, with our eyes wide open. We see clearly who he is and how he lived his life and, so far, how he has fought for us. That doesn’t make us cultists. It just means we are discerning voters.

CATHOLIC VOTE: [:42]Democrats have gone all-in on abortion.

STEVEN CROWDER: [17:21]In 2020, there is no such thing as a principled, conservative NeverTrumper.


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5 responses to “2020

  1. jbob45

    Except for personal amusement, I don’t put much stock on peoples’ initials, but I’m making an exception now. The two front runners (Bernie & Buttigieg) can’t pass by without escaping comparison to a famous B&B of another era – Beavis & Butthead. More obvious, and to the point, is Bernie Sanders’ initials: BS by any other name is still BS. You can squirt as much Reddi-Whip on his turd-pile as you want, but the stench is overwhelming. If I was a registered Dem, I’d write-in Beavis & Butthead. They were renegades, whacked-out lunatics, yet they were authentic and we knew what we were getting.


  2. jbob45

    Btw, Warren’s tailspin is due to her total lack of authenticity, obvious to any protoplasmic blob on the life totem, except herself. Four years ago, HRC flopped in the general election because her XX chromosomes were debunked years earlier in a South Park cartoon episode, when FBI agents discovered a Snuke up her Snizz, and HRC was outed as a V.A.G.I.N.O. (Vagina In Name Only). We were spared her presidency. Warren is an eager student of HRC, adopting all the characteristics of a fake, and a many-faceted one at that. She learned to fake her lessons well. Her polls are showing.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      ROFLLL … did you see the side-by-side that Bongino aired? I think it’s in the episode I’m going to post next and may be available as a stand alone. I hope it is. Anyway, they took two replies Warren gave to reporters’ questions and played them in a split screen. They were nearly word-for-word identical, so much so that in sports her words actually lined up with one another. Bongino said she must have practiced her faux “off the cuff” reporter boilerplate at least 100 times.


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