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Re: “What just happened”

Text: “A total fiasco.”

Three years to prepare… and the whole world watching.

Yet the Iowa Democratic Party still cannot determine who won their statewide caucus last night!

Remember, this is the same party that wants to take over our entire national healthcare system and remake our economy to control the global climate!

A lot has happened in the past 24 hours. Here’s some quick takes:

  • Establishment Democrats did everything they could to rain on the Bernie Sanders victory parade. From delaying the impeachment (keeping Sanders in D.C.), to scheduling the State of the Union tonight… and even some rumblings that the Iowa “software glitch” may not have been accidental after all. TAKEAWAY: “Software” is the least of Democrats’ worries at the moment.
  • While the reporting is unofficial, it looks like Biden will finish in a distant FOURTH PLACE. This is catastrophic for the so-called “moderate” former Veep. He’ll be crushed again in New Hampshire and likely in Nevada before hoping for a comeback in South Carolina. But billionaire Mike Bloomberg just announced he is doubling his massive TV spending, and will be waiting for Biden on Super Tuesday. The Biden path to victory is closing by the day.
  • GOOD NEWS FOR TRUMP? A new Gallup Poll out this morning has Trump’s approval rating at 49% — an 8-point jump from the last survey, and the highest level of his presidency. This is fresh evidence that impeachment has backfired on Democrats. Trump will have the big stage tonight for the State of the Union. And tomorrow, the Senate is expected to formally acquit him of the impeachment charges.
  • One of the bigger surprises from last night was low turnout. Despite record amounts of spending by campaigns, Democratic voters didn’t turn out as experts predicted — and nowhere near records set in 2008. Come November, heavy turnout fueled by anti-Trump enthusiasm will be essential for Democrats. But if Iowa is any indication, they’re in big trouble.
  • South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vermont socialist Senator Bernie Sanders appear to be the top two finishers. You might remember the news story last week when Buttigieg refused to offer even an olive branch to pro-life members of his own party. For his part, Sanders proudly champions radical totalitarian socialist policies, including banning all private health insurance, ending religious liberty protections, and publicly funded abortion to control “overpopulation.”

What does this all mean?

Left-leaning Politico summed it up this way: “It’s difficult to imagine a worse position for the Democratic Party nine months ahead of Election Day.

In the post-Watergate era, only two presidents have been denied reelection: Jimmy Carter in 1980 and George H.W. Bush in 1992. And they both had a big recession to contend with.

According to Gallup this morning, 63% of Americans approve of the economy.

Tonight the President is expected to champion school choice.

Wind at his back?

Seems so.


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  1. red

    Well, the dnc is the party of brain damaged candidates. Just ask Joe and Hillary, they’re both perfect for the candidacy and will tell you that.Let’s hope the dnc keeps the ball rolling and keep Trump on top. They do such a great job, stumbling over their jaws and falling on their swords. thank You, God, they all have King Saul syndrome!

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