My latest update from the campaign trail.

SUPER BOWL: [:31] Trump’s ad.

JUDGE JEANINE: [7:03]Thanking the Democrat leaders for guaranteeing the re-election of Donald J. Trump. Their nonstop hate, hypocrisy and hysteria has exhausted and angered the American people.

BIDEN: [3:57]Democrats tell senators that VP Joe didn’t address his son Hunter’s corrupt job in Ukraine, citing his son Beau’s terminal illness. Rudy Giuliani says that’s a flaming lie.

BIDEN: [3:37]When Quid Pro Joe ran for president in 1987, he repeatedly plagiarized other politicians and lied about his bio.

This tanked that campaign and should have tanked every other campaign since.

But, as with sexual misbehaviors, graft, bribery, and insider trading, Democrats only care when Republicans do it.

2020 Fauxcahontas trans

FAUXCAHONTAS: Ayiyiyiyi In addition to making college “free” and canceling hundreds of billions in student loan debt, Massachusetts Democratic senator and 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is now promising that if she’s elected, her pick for secretary of education will be someone vetted by a “young trans person” to ensure they’re “absolutely committed to creating a welcoming environment” for LGBTQ youth in school.

BERNIE: [15:15] Steven Crowder debunks the “student loan crisis” grift. Do you hear ANY of the Democrats talking about the opioid crisis, which is actually killing thousands of Americans every year?

GOP HISTORY: [1:31]The Republican governor of Alaska organized the life-saving, 700 mile, diphtheria antitoxin, dog sled run along the Iditarod trail.

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