I’ve got goosebumps!

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From After the Abortion photographer, Angela Forker:

I have to share an amazing story with you!

I decided to order a mounted print of every photo I’ve done so far for my After the Abortion photography series. I often order these mounted prints as they can be perfectly stored in a box or can stand alone on an easel. Anyway…the company I order these through makes these prints in China. They usually come to me in perfect condition, but for this order, ALL of these photos came to me COVERED IN FINGERPRINTS. At first I was annoyed. This had never happened before!

But then I realized the significance of all those fingerprints. These compelling photos of post-abortive women (and men) made their way into a country controlled by censorship and forced abortions. Many hands touched each one of these photos that show the suffering of post-abortive women. But most all…the healing that they have found in Jesus!

It absolutely brings tears to my eyes! I find myself praying for them–and for anyone else who comes upon these photos and stories one way or another. God works in mysterious ways. He will reach whoever He wants to reach by any means possible. May He cause these photos and stories to reach the hurting and the hungry. May His anointing be upon them. And may He use them to touch many lives!

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