My latest update from the campaign trail.

IMPEACHMENT: [4:00]Mark Steyn deserves a medal and a long vacation for having actually watched it all.

IMPEACHMENT: Worth watching [9:02]The latest made up “evidence” won’t make any difference to the end result.

Newt Gingrich asks, will they continue to invent yet another scandal or will they finally decide to actually do their jobs? I wouldn’t recommend putting any money on the latter.

2020 next scandal

THE NEXT SCANDAL: I found this graphic funny, then I wondered why. Dan Bongino says all the anti-Trump scandals are engineered by the same people, using the same playbook, and no matter how many of them fail, they will not stop inventing new ones. None of that is funny.

What is funny is that, while they have been wasting their time not getting rid of Orange Man Bad, Trump has been advancing OUR agendas and formerly devout Democrats have been waking up and walking away.

SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: [3:48] Liberals throw trash and dog poop at his store.

LL Bean is being boycotted by liberals, because the granddaughter of the founder made a personal donation to Trump. I’m guessing conservatives did not boycott when her cousin donated to Obama.

OPIOID CRISIS: I can’t recall hearing a single Democrat even mention this issue, can you? [54:42] Jan 30, 2020 Press Briefing about the fine work the Trump administration has been doing to stem the flood of opioids being smuggled into our country, to reduce the number of deaths, and to help addicts get a second chance at life.

GUN CONTROL: Democrats are for it [5:25]They were also for the “No Guns for Negroes” laws that ensured blacks could not defend themselves from the KKK.

SCHOOL CHOICE: Democrats are agin it. [3:53]The key issue for Democrats is securing the rich income stream of the big teachers’ unions that donate that income primarily to Democratic candidates.

For Progressives, the key factor is control of the quality of and values taught. Their goal is to re-shape the world into a 2% wealthy, well-educated class of global elites (them) lording it over the 98% serf class of taxpayers who do what they are told. Allowing middle and lower class parents the means to educate their kids outside of the public school system is abhorrent to these types for two reasons:

  1. They want to secure positions among the wealthy, ruling elite for their own offspring alone.
  2. They want to indoctrinate the serf class in their soul-killing, secular humanist, government-is-god world view.

2020 iowa

IOWA:Everybody’s playing nice up until Iowa because they want to stay everyone’s second choice.” – Mike Nellis, Democratic consultant

2020 meathead

MEATHEAD MIKE: The article is satire, but the photo looks genuineIt was a state of emergency. Aides scrambled around the conference center desperately trying to find three more chairs for Mike Bloomberg’s completely packed and oversold rally.

ILHAN OMAR: [4:41] – A female, Muslim, Iraqi refugee has launched a GOP challenge to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s re-election. She says Omar is doing ‘irreparable harm’ to the country with her ‘hatred and racism.’

Her candidacy is exciting, because she checks all the same boxes as Omar, but she’s a patriotic American.

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  1. FTR, “Oregon small business owner” video was posted Jan 12, 2017. (Mention of the old Chicago story tipped me to that.)

    Also FTR, the ‘No Guns for Negroes’ vids were from the middle of Obama’s years, per things said in the vid. Yeah, uploaded May 27, 2009, before the Trump improved economy.

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