My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 USMCA

USMCA: President Trump negotiated the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement to replace the unfair NAFTA treaty of 1994, and got it through both houses of Congress with bipartisan support.

President Trump invited Minnesota Republicans and Minnesota hog farmers to the White House for Wednesday’s signing ceremony. He did not invite Nancy Pelosi.

2020 nj rally

TRUMP RALLY: Wildwood, New JerseyMore than 175,000 ticket requests came in for the convention center venue which holds a little under 8,000 at seated capacity. Some people camped out all night and waited all day, hoping to get in.

2020 joe

CUP O’ JOE: Apparently “No Malarkey” didn’t work out, so now “Sleepy Joe Biden” is “Cup o’ Joe”? LOL!

2020 gallup attitudes

GALLUP: Poll of shift in American attitudes since the end of the Obama administration – The economy is better (+22), the country is more secure (+18), wealth distribution is better (+9), and race relations are improved (+14).

2020 Venezuela timeline

BERNIE: It seems unlikely that Bernie Sanders would be a tyrant. But nobody can guarantee the person who came after him wouldn’t be another Stalin.

We could vote out way into Socialism, but we would have to shoot our way out of it.

2020 H-28

TEXAS: Texas State House District 28 just had a special election that offered a first test of the theory that red Texas may be trending blue in the age of Trump.

H-28 is a suburban district west of Houston that Hillary Clinton won 51-44 over Donald Trump 51-44 in 2016. Democrats made an enormous effort to poach the seat. Biden and Warren endorsed the Democratic candidate; Castro, Bloomberg, and O’Rourke campaigned there for her.

If one were to go by Twitter, she would have won 90-10. But she didn’t. The Republican, Gary Gates, won 59-41.

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