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Fox Sports has the Super Bowl contract. Last year’s Super Bowl reportedly averaged over 100 million viewers. NBC News has reported that two drag queens would feature in an ad for the hummus brand Sabra during the broadcast.

Faces of Choice has spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of working hours trying to get an ad placed on the Super Bowl. Fox Sports gave them a major run-around. Please read the following, then go sign the petition.

Back in July, Faces of Choice applied for an ad slot. They were one of the first to submit. But over the following months, “We met every single stipulation that they asked for and every time we met the line they moved the line further to request something else,” says the group’s founder, Lyric Gillett.

We were told over and over again ‘you’re going to get an answer’, but we never got anything,” she said.

At one point, the Fox legal department said they wanted to know everybody who was donating towards or sponsoring the ad. Faces of Choice wasn’t happy about this, but provided the information.

In November last year, they wrote and asked for a decision. They got no answer. They called on a Friday to get an answer, but were told the relevant personnel at Fox didn’t work over the weekend. They called back on Monday and were told the advertising slots were sold out.

They asked to be put on a wait list for any slots that might become available. That request for authorization was refused. When Fox announced last week that more slots had become available, they re-submitted the application. They have gotten no response.

I think it’s very clever what they’re doing. If they directly said ‘no’ then we could say ‘this is asinine, look at the suitable ad that Fox rejected’, but they haven’t directly said ‘no,’ they’ve ignored us, wasted our time, refused to give an answer and refused to either give us clearance or simply say ‘no,’” Gillett said.

Sign: Go online now and sign the petition @

After you sign, you will be given the opportunity to send an email. Or you can send your own to Barbara De Santis, Senior Vice President, Standards & Practices at Fox Corporation @

Phone: Fox at 888-369-4762.

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