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Please read and sign the petition

Fox Sports has the Super Bowl contract. Last year’s Super Bowl reportedly averaged over 100 million viewers. NBC News has reported that two drag queens would feature in an ad for the hummus brand Sabra during the broadcast.

Faces of Choice has spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of working hours trying to get an ad placed on the Super Bowl. Fox Sports gave them a major run-around. Please read the following, then go sign the petition.

Back in July, Faces of Choice applied for an ad slot. They were one of the first to submit. But over the following months, “We met every single stipulation that they asked for and every time we met the line they moved the line further to request something else,” says the group’s founder, Lyric Gillett.

We were told over and over again ‘you’re going to get an answer’, but we never got anything,” she said.

At one point, the Fox legal department said they wanted to know everybody who was donating towards or sponsoring the ad. Faces of Choice wasn’t happy about this, but provided the information.

In November last year, they wrote and asked for a decision. They got no answer. They called on a Friday to get an answer, but were told the relevant personnel at Fox didn’t work over the weekend. They called back on Monday and were told the advertising slots were sold out. Continue reading

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2020_01 29 cofer romney

A top Mitt Romney adviser by the name of Joseph Cofer Black (left) has ties to the CIA, the State Department, Blackwater, and Burisma.

Joseph Cofer Black: Biography

  • 1974 to 1999: Black was a CIA operative.
  • 1999-2002: Then-CIA chief George Tenet named him director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center (CTC). In this capacity, he served as the CIA Director’s Special Assistant for Counterterrorism as well as the National Intelligence Officer for Counterterrorism. He was the operational chief in charge of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. He was in charge of the CTC at the time of the 9/11 attacks.
  • 2002-2004: President Bush appointed him Coordinator for Counterterrorism to lead the Office of Counterterrorism in the U.S. State Department.
  • 2004-2006: Black became the US Department of State’s Ambassador-at-Large for counter-terrorism. Note the overlap between this job and the next one!
  • 2005-2008: Black became Vice Chairman of the US-based, private security firm, Blackwater USA (later renamed Blackwater Worldwide, then Xe, and finally Academi). The firm is the biggest of the State Department’s three private security contractors.
  • 2007-Present: Black is Chairman of Total Intelligence Solutions (Total Intel), a private intelligence gathering group, created in February 2007 by the Prince Group, the holding company that owns Blackwater.
  • 2007: In September, Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney chose Black to head his counter-terrorism policy advisory group.
  • 2011: In October, Presidential wannabe redux Mitt Romney chose Black to serve as his “Special Adviser” on all foreign policy issues.
  • 2016: In January, Black became an independent director of a publicly traded biotechnology company, Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO).
  • 2017 to Present: In February, the corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Group, added Black to its board of directors. Note the overlap with Hunter Biden’s presence on the same corrupt, Burisma board (April of 2014 until May of 2019).



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My latest update from the campaign trail.

TRUMP SUPPORTERS: [1:06]They think you’re a joke. Prove them wrong in November.

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A couple of months ago, I discovered that I had used up my free articles at the Wall Street Journal, but I wanted to read another one for all y’all, so I signed up for their $1-for-two-months free trial. Since then, I have only gone to the site maybe 4 times, so I definitely wanted to cancel it before the $20 for February hit my credit card.

I went to the digital account for my digital subscription that I signed up for digitally, but golly gee whiz, they won’t let you cancel it digitally. I had to call. They don’t even allow email or have a TDY number, so I guess it’s too damn bad if you’re hearing impaired. My hearing is not what it used to be, but my real problem today was that the phone that doesn’t hurt my ears (physical pain, I’m talking here) decided to conk out the very day Dearest left for the Mascots and he won’t be back in time for the WSJ thing.

Thankfully, and I mean that in all sincerity, Mama Buzz keeps me supplied with a cell phone. God bless her! She gave me the phone itself and keeps the account paid; she knows I don’t like to use the phone, but says she’s paying for her own peace of mind. I keep it charged at all times, cuz our landline doesn’t work when the power goes out. And I carry it when I leave the house in case I fall or something.

So anyway (big sigh), I called the stupid WSJ from my ouchy emergency cell phone. And for reasons that totally escape me, not only does the stupid WSJ not let you digitally cancel a digital subscription that you signed up for digitally, but also does not hire IT guys who have any common sense or any customer service people who can spell. Continue reading


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Bits & Bytes

2020_01 29 Trump one life

MEDITATION: God has carefully, tenderly created every person in His own image and likeness, to be in a loving relationship with Himself. From each tiny child knit within a mother’s womb, to every person approaching death, we are loved, perfectly and completely, by God.

It is therefore a service of love which we are all committed to ensure to our neighbor, that his or her life may be always defended and promoted, especially when it is weak or threatened” – Pope Saint John Paul II, Evangelium vitae 77

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