William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection says the same thing as the video [2:40] – “We have seen this show before, it’s all designed to pressure a small number of weak Republican Senators to allow Democrats to turn the Senate into a circus in which the process becomes the punishment.

Tucker says nobody should be surprised that John Bolton is a snake. Grab a barf bag before watching the Slime Stream Media and Mittens Romney canonize him.

Dan Bongino made an excellent point, which is that if John Bolton had had something of substance to contribute to the impeachment proceedings, he should’ve spoken up long ago. Instead, he waited until the trial was underway and his book was coming out. Then he leaked “I’ve got the dirt on Donald” to the media so he would get a ton of attention on the eve of publication and SELL LOTS OF BOOKS.

Snake indeed.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked Democrat House Impeachment Manager Val Demings three times why the House had not subpoenaed former National Security Adviser John Bolton. She never did answer his question.

But hey, we know the reason. They didn’t issue a subpoena because the minute they did, their hyper-political, we-can’t-beat-Trump-in-2020 impeachment push would have stopped dead in its tracks until the court ruled.

They were in too much of a hurry to get it all done before Christmas, not because they wanted the truth, but because they wanted to boost the 2020 Democrats and damage the 2020 Republicans, especially Trump.

Good for us and bad for them that they ignored the lessons they should have learned in 1998.

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Democrats and RINOs say they want to hear from John Bolton.

The rules of the senate trial require 51 votes to call witnesses. Senator Jim Jordan (R-OH) said that if the Senate does vote to call witnesses, “The one I would prefer is the whistleblower. The guy who started it all. He wrote the complaint that’s got all kinds of factual mistakes in it. That was the basis for launching this ridiculous thing.”

Plus, you know, if this is going to be like a real trial (instead of the partisan, political hatchet job it actually is), the defense deserves the chance to confront the accuser.

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If a president, any president, were to have done what the Times reported about the content of the Bolton manuscript, that would not constitute an impeachable offense.” – Alan Dershowitz

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