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2020_01 28 Ford quot

BONGINO: [56:35] Topics include the fake news NY Times “scoop” about John Bolton and the hoax Ukraine charges central to the impeachment, the worst explanation of an “assault rifle” ever, and the Democrats’ devastating plan for the economy should they win in 2020.

2020_01 28 obama legacy

OBAMA’S LEGACY: Another one bites the dust … but not until after individuals, companies, and the U.S. government lost hundreds of millions of dollars to a bunch of crooks.

The owners of DC Solar pleaded guilty today to multiple felony charges related to a billion dollar Ponzi scheme. A significant incentive for the investors they bilked were the generous federal tax credits provided by Obama’s solar initiate.

At least half of the approximately 17,000 solar generators DC Solar claimed to have manufactured did not exist.

WHITE PRIVILEGE: [5:02] Brandon Tatum has a take on this issue that I’ve never heard before. I encourage you to watch it.

2020_01 28 Michelle grammy

GRAMMY: The former first lady won her first Grammy Award for best spoken word album for the audiobook version of her best-selling memoir, Becoming.

That tweet saying she “inches closer to EGOT status” is really stupid. EGOT stands for the quadrifecta of glitterati awards – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Michelle Obama has never won nor is she remotely likely ever to win even one of the other three.

2020_01 28 Catholic

CATHOLIC: Perhaps no school system in the world has been as successful at imparting values as US Catholic schools. They have done this by challenging modern beliefs about what should and should not be taught in schools. Catholic schools profess that truth is objective and that one goal of education is the search for objective truths. This informs students about the merits of civic engagement, commitment to family and devotion to Almighty God. …

Research has shown that students who ­attend religious schools are less likely to participate in risky criminal and sexual activity. One study found that girls who went to Catholic school were more likely to avoid early pregnancy, and boys who went to Catholic school were less likely to be incarcerated.”

2020_01 27 russia

RUSSIA: In Moscow, large-scale Orthodox icons rendered in spray paint decorate bridges and underpasses. They’re the work of artist Aleksandr Tsypkov and fellow creators who believe that everyone, not just churchgoers, should be able to see religious art.

2020_01 27 Nonno Alex

GRAMMY NOTES: Nonno is visiting the mascots. Bootz enjoyed his first-ever, one-on-one time with Nonno!

2020_01 28 male gps

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