The Stench of Defeat

2020_01 27 impeachment by terrell

“Like week-old meat left in a hot car, the stench of defeat is starting to overpower the swag pens and stifled giggles in the Democrats’ impeachment project.” Monica Showalter

2020_01 27 Impeachment Loony tunes

There were at least four Republican senators who might have voted with the Democrats, but rather than flatter and appeal to them, Nadler called two of them traitors and cowed pawns of Trump. Way to own the wrong goal, Jerry.

2020_01 27 Impeachment Trump by Branco

Then, a couple of days ago, a third – the #NeverTrump Republican and jealous former contender Mitt Romney – expressed his displeasure with the Democrats’ Schiff show, and made a de facto statement of support for Trump.

2020_01 27 impeachment rip by branco

This must have been distasteful to him but not as distasteful as hearing from his constituents in Utah. Trump, who won less than half the vote in Utah in 2016, now enjoys 57% approval of his job performance and 59% disapproval of the impeachment process among Utahns.

2020_01 27 Impeach donkey by Terrell

In fact, public sentiment nationwide has shifted decisively in favor of Trump on impeachment and job approval. And reality is sinking in. Two red-state Democratic senators, Manchin and Jones, signaled on Saturday that they are “undecided.”

2020_01 27 zeppelin

As time goes on and the public rejects the Democratic impeachment obsession to a growing extent (and all signs point to this as the trend), more Democrats will flee like rats from the sinking ship, and join the no-impeach side. It might just start to look like the burning Hindenburg for them.


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