My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 Fake News

TRUMP: Donald Trump has been a magnificent President. He has accomplished things that no president ever has, but that at least one predecessor, Barack Obama, said never could be achieved – e.g., bringing high-paying manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

In fact, our economy is the envy of the entire planet. Overall unemployment is the lowest in decades; among minorities, it is the lowest in history.

VP MIKE PENCE: Jan 2020 interview with Mike Huckabee [28:36] – I just read a little about VP Pence’s bio. It’s a lot like mine. Raised Irish Catholic and Democrat (a common combo), he was influenced by the fervent and personal faith of born-again type Protestants. He gave his life to Jesus, but continued to be a practicing Catholic. We also both switched from Democrat to Republican and are still married to our best friends and count marrying them our second best life decisions, the first, of course, being Jesus Christ.

2020 student loan tears

STUDENT LOAN CRISIS: What Bernie and Liz are NOT telling you!

2020 CNN sheeple

BERNIE: Fox News host Jesse Watters shared this story about a recent encounter he had with three Bernie Sanders supporters.

I’m coming home the other night, living in an apartment building in lower Manhattan. I get on the elevator and the elevator doors are closing and at the last second, an arm goes through — elevator doors open up and three Bernie Sanders supporters walk into the elevator.

And they immediately recognize me. They say ‘I know who you are,’ and I got nervous. And they said ‘I don’t agree with anything you say or anything you believe in, but you guys — meaning Fox — are the only ones who have treated Bernie Sanders fairly.’

And I said, ‘Yeah he’s getting screwed over, just like the media tried to screw over Trump.’

And she said to me, ‘You know what’s going to happen? They’re going to rob Bernie again and we’re going to vote for Donald Trump again.’”

2020 CINO Biden

QUID PRO JOE: Biden’s comments came one day after hundreds of thousands of anti-abortionists marched in annual March for Life events across the country.

Joe Biden is a CINO – Catholic In Name Only.

Don’t be like Joe. Vote Republican.

2020 what we see

DEMOCRATS: “Congressional Democrats and their base live in a postfactual ‘inner child’ world  of fact-free enthusiasms and conniption fits.” – Clarice Feldman

DEMOCRATIC PARTY: [1:00] There’s a civil war going on.

AOC: Louder with Crowder [17:34]She’s a mouthpiece for Bernie Sanders.

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