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2020_01 26 supported not aborted

ADOPTION: Mothers placing their children for adoption often face many challenges along the way. One of the greatest obstacles can be inaccurately perceiving adoption as abandonment.

But mothers who place their children for adoption are not abandoning their children. Rather, they are exemplifying the sacrificial love of Christ on the Cross in choosing to do what is best for their children, even at great cost to themselves.

Like Christ, they pour out their bodies and souls for the sake of another. The Letter to the Hebrews reminds us that, in the face of fears and trials, we can “hold fast to the hope that lies before us. This we have as an anchor of the soul, sure and firm” (Heb 6:18-19).

We pray that all mothers considering adoption would be filled with “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding” (Phil 4:7) and see the beauty of their sacrifice. Let us all cling fast to the anchor of hope, for we have received “a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, ‘Abba, Father!’” (Rom 8:15).

IMPEACHMENT: Hannity after the Friday hearing [6:37] Lindsey Graham also weighs in on the Biden/Ukraine scandal.

IMPEACHMENT: [8:56] White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham on Fox, reacting to Friday’s hearing.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: [3:32] What the media was afraid to tell you about last week.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: [5:28]Whacky Moments from last week. Have a barf bag handy.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: [6:16]Greg Gutfeld reveals the media’s assumption that they know what goes on in the hearts and minds of Republicans.

2020_01 26 Trump

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: In 2014, California enacted regulations forcing all employee health insurance plans that cover elective abortions. Churches were not even informed when abortion coverage was added to their health plans.

This week, the Trump administration notified California that this is violating the law and that, if they don’t come into compliance, it’s going to cost them.

2020_01 26 we

RIGHTS: From Jacob G. Hornberger at MisesThe Second Amendment, like the First Amendment, doesn’t give anyone any rights. Instead, it prohibits the federal government from infringing on rights that are natural and God-given and that preexist government.

The Declaration of Independence sets forth the essential principles. Every person (i.e., not just American citizens) is endowed by nature or God with fundamental rights. These include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. …

The purpose of government is to protect the existence and exercise of people’s natural, God-given rights.

2020_01 26 soros

SOROS: Leftist billionaire and Democrat mega-donor, George Soros (89), said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that the fate of the world depends on ousting “con man” Donald Trump.

When his fantasy of becoming president became a reality,” Trump’s ego swelled, Soros said, adding: “This has turned his narcissism into a malignant disease.”

So says the man who has destroyed national economies and poured billions into steering America’s culture and government toward the rancid Progressive agenda.

Malignant narcisissm, thy name is George Soros.

2020_01 12 Backgammon

GRAMMY NOTES: Dearest and I often play Backgammon while we eat. We’ve never, ever seen a backgammon … until now! Dearest was poised to get his two pieces out of his back board on his next turn, but I threw doubles and cleared my home board. I was so excited, I ran for my camera. If you don’t know Backgammon rules, just trust me … this is really rare.

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