“Love Trumps Hate”


Breitbart News reports that, since the Slime Stream Media has intensified criticism of her, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has been increasingly targeted by Left-wing haters with postcards, letters, and social media messages filled with vulgar language and hate-filled threats.

2020_01 25 despicable

One of them called her a “treacherous b*tch,” referred to her predecessor – Sarah Huckabee Sanders – as “F*ck-a-Me,” and said that anyone who works in President Trump’s White House has their “brains melt into puddles of turds.”

2020_01 25 embarrassed

A number seemed to be confused about which president is in office. Young women giving POTUS blow jobs is a Democrat thing.

2020_01 25 blow

Some have suggested we’d all be better off if she was dead. E.g., “Praying that Satan takes you home soon.”

2020_01 25 moronic

Probably the worst was this mutilated teddy bear covered in something that looks like blood. The Secret Service intercepted it before it could be delivered to her. They gave her this creepy photo instead.

2020_01 25 teddy bear

Grisham, for her part, is taking it in stride but criticized the establishment media for refusing to hold themselves to the same standards they project onto others.

Being the President’s spokesperson makes me a public figure, and that comes with a lot of attention–often negative. That’s always been a part of the job, especially for Republicans. But the media’s coverage of this President and his staff has escalated the negativity to unprecedented levels, as evidenced by my predecessor being the first press secretary to have a Secret Service detail. The media say they are here to ‘hold the powerful accountable,’ which is a noble goal. But who holds the media accountable? They circle the wagons to protect each other–even though their ‘mistakes’ always go in one direction–but pile on the people who don’t share their views. There are consequences for this, especially for those of us who find ourselves in their crosshairs.”

2020_01 25 Left not compassionate

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