Where hatred for Catholicism trumps compassion for victims of sex traffickers. (Tell me again who is waging a war on women?)

National Trafficking Hotline: CALL 1-888-3737-888 or TEXT BeFree (233733) 

Can you even fathom that California has refused a license to this San Diego Catholic charity that wants to open a home for teen victims of sex trafficking?

California isn’t concerned that the facility isn’t legitimate or safe. No, no. California has denied the license, because the Catholics running the organization are not willing to promote LGBTQ events, drive residents to get abortions, and inject minors in their care with transgender hormone medications. Apparently they think it’s better for these kids to die.

The charity, Children of the Immaculate Heart (CIH), currently provides housing and a rehabilitation program for adult survivors who have children. They are raising money for one of their adult clients who needs brain surgery. When I checked, they only needed $2,500 more to reach their goal. The link to donate is below.


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  1. red

    Two ranchers I knew here in Arizona were murdered. One was over east, towards NM, in the San Beradino Valley and involved stopping slavers. He was shot checking fences. The other had a ranch down near the border and had found a half-dozen little kids brought in for the sex trade. He took them home but a pack of Banditos came in demanding the kids. The rancher refused and they shot him down. Then his wife and kids opened fire. Not a lot of Banditos scraped, only to run into deputies. Because they were illegals, a judge in Pima had them escorted across the border. Up in PA, near Williamsport, 3 little kids were found badly mutilated. None appeared to be over 6. It was investigated, but when DNA tests said they were Native American the dems dropped it. The Catholic church protested, the father, a friend, still does, but I said, it’s liberals. Last thing they care about is human life, and Hitler hated Native Americans almost as much as he did Christians and Jew. As Hitler ordered, the dems do obey.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      :o(““ Dinesh D’Souza writes that it was the other way around. The Nazi sterilization law of 1933 and the subsequent Nazi euthanasia laws were both based on blueprints drawn up by Sanger, Popenoe, and other American progressives.


      • red

        Only so far as mental and physical disabilities. Prior to Progressives here sterilizing based on race, Hitler was doing it. Progressives used the Tuskegee Inst. to test diseases in live patients. Sanger was instructing Hitler and called him her spiritual son. He responded, calling her his spiritual mother. Sanger’s use of sterilization was a mix with lye and other chemicals to burn out the ovaries. And the dnc venerates that beast in human form. She was a communist and a Nazi, and stated there was no difference. She was also an honorary member of the KKK dragon lickers. Nixon defunded the sterilization program in the early 70s. Whispers say it was still going on at some reservations until Reagan came to power.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          “Sanger was instructing Hitler and called him her spiritual son. He responded, calling her his spiritual mother.” They were speaking truth here and Satan has both of them now.


          • red

            Personally, I think Satan would gag at either one. But, Hitler did have Lucifer as his ascended master. His biographer talks about towards the end of the war, Hitler would not do as Lucifer wanted. The spirit picked him up and thru him down a long meeting hall, then picked up a long oak trestle table. men dragged Hitler out of the way. The table, according to Skyal, just missed. It hit so hard it knocked stones in the wall out of place and broke the table. If you look up Nazi occultism, you’ll find a great deal more. I needed it to research a book. peace. We know who wins the end game. Atheistic Europe was losing the war till we got involved.


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