My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 Schiff voters are stupid

IMPEACHMENT: Democrats are already laying the groundwork for pronouncing Trump’s second term illegitimate.

2020 Al Green impeachment

IMPEACHMENT: Remember back in 2016, when Hillary Clinton was a certainty and Democrats worried whether angry Trump voters or even Trump himself would accept the outcome of the free and fair election? Good times. Good times.

DEMOCRAT CONSEQUENCES: [3:51]FOX Business’ Stuart Varney gives his take on what would happen to fracking, taxes, and blue collar jobs if Democrats win in 2020.

ABORTION: Since this became an issue, Republican presidents have banned using American taxpayers’ money to fund foreign abortions; Democrat presidents have allowed it.

BERNIE: [8:29] Sanders calls for national rent control. Yeah, right. Cuz it’s worked so well everywhere it’s been tried. /sarc

2020 school choice now

QUID QUO JOE: Biden has come out against tax-funded school choice vouchers. Such vouchers would allow all parents – not just the affluent ones – to choose what school is best for their children.

In typical Democrat style, Joe Biden sent both of his sons to a posh private high school in Delaware.

2020 Carson on division

FAUXCAHONTAS: Elizabeth Warren vowed in a new campaign policy paper that if she is elected president in November, she will fill out at least half of her Cabinet with “women and nonbinary people.”

God forbid she should focus on 100% of them being the very best people for the jobs.

2020 Record Black

MEATHEAD MIKE: Black America is no longer monolithically supporting Democrats And true to form, the ever-clueless Democratic presidential candidate, Mike Bloomberg, launched his plan for Black America … while speaking to a mostly white audience in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As can be expected, his plan is chockablock with failed Leftist policies.

2020 green acres cnn

HILLARY: Hillary Clinton says Democrats lack power in media and that she envies the right’s ability to really influence the thinking of Americans.

Is she truly delusional or is she simply applying the old Democrat dodge of accusing Republicans of doing what Democrats are doing?

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I can kind of understand why Schiff thinks voters are stupid, seeing as the ones he knows best are the ones that put him in office.

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