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2020_01 22 Unborn prayer

DAY OF PRAYER: In the Catholic Church in the United States, January 22nd is designated as the “Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children.” Catholics are called to observe this day through the penitential practices of prayer, fasting, and/or giving alms, but, you know, anybody is welcome to join! As one oh-so-devout Catholic (In Name Only) would say, “It’s for the children.”

Today, on the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Father, we come together to mourn the many children’s lives ended by abortion and remember in prayer those who suffer the aftermath. We pray for the protection of all unborn children and to make reparation for abortion. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

IMPEACHMENT: [7:12]Excellent rant by Judge Jeanine.

IMPEACHMENT: [7:46] – Mitch lays out the ground rules and reams out the House Democrats for trying to dictate how things will be done in the Senate.

The Democrats’ House managers prosecuting the case against President Trump squealed that the proposed rules are “rigged” to prevent a fair trial. Chuckie Schmucker called it a “cover up.”

Trump’s lawyers called on the U.S. Senate to dismiss the articles of impeachment sent by the House and immediately acquit the president, calling the charges against the commander in chief a “brazen political act” that must be rejected.

IMPEACHMENT: [13:31] – Dan Bongino says, All of America needs to see this clip. This is one of the most savage defenses of President Trump we’ve ever seen.”

2020_01 22 border

BORDER: Mexican security forces used tear gas to break up a group of about 2,000 migrants, most of them Hondurans, who were trying to cross into Mexico. Some threw bottles and rocks at National Guard officers. Most, but not all, were prevented from entering Mexico.

Mexican President Obrador welcomed migrants to Mexico during his first few months in office, then reversed course after President Trump threatened to slap Mexico with import tariffs. After U.S. and Mexican officials reached a deal on tougher immigration policies over the summer, Mr. Obrador quickly became a close ally of the American president in his efforts to reduce illegal migration.

2020_01 22 Legal isn't moral

ERA: The Virginia state legislature ratified the pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment on Wednesday, making the state the 38th and final state ostensibly needed to add the measure to prohibit discrimination based on gender to the U.S. Constitution.

While opponents claim that Virginia’s ratification is merely symbolic, feminists are suing in federal court to force its adoption to the Constitution. If that were to happen, it would constitutionally protect abortion.

VIRGINIA: [6:37] Lefties were disappointed when the gun rights rally didn’t turn out to be a bunch of violent white nationalists. And, as with most right-wing protests, attendees picked up their own trash.

NEW YORK: The Bronx man in the surveillance video assaulted a woman in front of multiple witnesses at their place of employment (a packing plant). He punched her over and over, threw a phone at her, kicked her, then threatened her with a knife.

He was arrested, charged with multiple misdemeanors, and given an appearance ticket for court. Democrat-dominated New York’s insane new “no bail” law required police to release him from custody.

Tell me again which party is waging a war on women?

2020_01 22 liberal hack

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: In 2016, John Harwood was CNBC’s chief Washington correspondent.

Before the presidential debate, the liberal hack emailed Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta to ask, “What should I ask Jeb?

Then, during the debate, he asked Donald Trump, “Is this a comic-book version of a presidential campaign?

Last December, Harwood opined that the media really is too biased in favor of Republicans.

And now he’s going to be the White House correspondent for CNN.

WOMEN’S MARCH: [8:26] – The fourth annual Women’s March in D.C. Focused on hating Trump, and climate change and loving illegal immigration and abortion. Attendees were told that abortion is the #1 killer of females in the U.S. They didn’t care, because unborn females don’t count.

Attendance was about a tenth what it was the first year, which organizers claim is due not to diminished interest, but to a shifted focus on state-level activism rather than a single national event. Uh huh. Funny how the March for Life in D.C. still draws mega-huge crowds while those who can’t make it to D.C. simultaneously have local events.

Going to the national march is a highlight of the year for Dearest, but sadly he can’t make it to the national one this year. However, like many, he will be participating in a local one.

2020_01 22 Nigeria

NIGERIA: One of the four Nigerian seminarians who were abducted earlier this month has been freed after being badly beaten and then dumped on a roadside. He is being treated in a hospital’s intensive care unit. Speculation is he was freed because captors were afraid he would die in their custody.

2020_01 22 trans

TRANS: “Puberty is more than just a process of genital maturation. It is also a critical time for bone, pelvis, brain, and psychosocial development. All of these processes are adversely affected by puberty blockers. Studies have shown the effects on the pituitary are not immediately reversible. Hormonal levels do not normalize until a year or more after stopping blockers, which prolongs pubertal delay. And, although the studies on this are limited, the data we do have indicate that the overwhelming majority of adolescents on puberty blockers decide not to reverse course, but instead move on to cross-sex hormones and then to sterilizing genital surgeries. This is in marked contrast to the experience of children who experience gender dysphoria but are allowed to go through puberty normally, the vast majority of whom do not persist in identifying with the opposite sex.

2020_01 22 MIB manslaplation

GRAMMY NOTES: This is priceless LOL. – It also reminds me of a day back in a high school study hall when two guys sitting in front of me were arguing about lacrosse sticks.

They were both wrong, so I drew the correct information and handed it to them. They looked at it and then both of them turned to me and scornfully asked, “How would YOU know this?

At that time, this was all I could say. Today, however, I could thoroughly flatten their supercilious ignorance with the facts that, while still in high school, one of my brothers invented the lacrosse pocket that is now favored by the best players, then went on to play, coach and officiate NCAA college lacrosse. His number was retired by the league and he is in the Lacrosse Hall of Fame. When he was dying of cancer, the league bent the rules to allow him to referee at the same game with the two brothers who had founded the high school team and were, at that time, also NCAA lacrosse referees. Our whole family was there.

Now I need a tissue.

CROCHET: It isn’t just for grandmothers! [1:54] – Maurice Greene is 6’7″, 250 pound, MMA fighter. He crochets because it is calming.

2020_01 22 PARENTING third kid naps

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