My latest update from the campaign trail.

SUBSIDIARITY: [5:06] The framers believed that the best government was the most local government. This is a Catholic principle called subsidiarity.

2020 hypocrisy

LIBERAL HYPOCRISY: Thousands of protesters took part in the fourth annual Women’s March in the nation’s capital on Saturday, many wearing “Love Trumps Hate” buttons while spewing expletives about President Donald Trump and his administration.

2020 black voters

BLACK VOTERS: Democrats would have us believe that, in Trump’s Racist America, Black voters are being discriminated against in unprecedented numbers.

Yeah, no. A new Washington Post/Ipsos poll of 1,088 registered Black voters found voter suppression is rare.

  • 92% said they had never been turned away at a polling station.
  • 7% said they had been turned away “for some reason.” The pollsters never asked the 7% what reason was given by those who turned them away. I guess we’re supposed to assume it was racism, but it could just as easily have been something else, such as a lack of valid ID, appearing at the wrong polling station, or trying to cast a vote for a person who had already voted.
  • 1% had no opinion. This one flummoxes me. I mean, you have or you haven’t! What’s “no opinion” supposed to mean … “I never actually voted”?

Given that race-based voter suppression is a Democrat talking point, it’s very interesting that this poll showed 90% disapproval of Donald Trump, with 75% strong disapproving. (Three other polls show his approval rating among Blacks is at 30%.)

This poll also showed how badly the MSM is informing the public. Eight-three percent said Trump has made racism worse; the same number said Trump himself is a racist. Both statements are demonstrably false.

Even worse, only 42% said the economy is good, even though the pollsters specifically said that Black unemployment is at an historic low!

Party Affiliation of those polled:

  • 70% Democrat
  • 5% Republican
  • 20% Independent
  • 4% Other party
  • 2% No opinion

MOE: Plus/minus 4 points.

2020 profiles in corruption

QUID PRO JOE: Bestselling author and Breitbart News contributor Peter Schweizer has a new book coming out. Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite by Five details how five of Biden’s close family members scored big thanks to their connection to the 2020 Democrat White House candidate.

Set to be released on Tuesday, the book is already a best seller.

2020 Biden 3d time

IOWA POLL: On Jan. 14, Biden was way ahead with 30.1%, followed by Buttigieg with 16.5%, Warren with 12.6%, Sanders with10.7%, and Klobuchar with 8.7%.

But he didn’t do well in that night’s debate and, over the next three days, lost all but 19.8% not just to his Democratic opponents, but also to President Trump!

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