Screwing Morality

Massachusetts Democrats want to bump control of sex education from the local to the state level. Massachusetts Senate Bill 2399 (“An Act Relative to Healthy Youth”), if passed and enacted, would require schools that only offer the sex education materials that Democratic state legislators deem to be “medically accurate” and “age-appropriate.”

Below are brief descriptions and quotations from two of the Democrat-approved curricula for middle schoolers. Warning: Graphic content.

2020_01 19 Get Real

Grade 6: Teaches what masturbation is.

Grade 7: Teaches girls how to have oral sex with each other.

Includes the following on a list of “What to Do on a Date” – Touching a partner under clothes, going to an unsupervised party, kissing, having sex.

Grade 8: Explains how to use condoms, warning they “may slip out of place during vaginal or anal intercourse.

2020_01 19 Our Whole Lives

The text includes these instructions for teachers: Tell the group that you want to talk about some sexual behaviors that don’t include sexual intercourse. The first is masturbation. Ask if anyone can define the word masturbation. Share the following definitions as needed: 

    • Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s own sex organs for sexual pleasure. 
    • This is usually enjoyed in private but can also be explored with a partner. Some youth experiment with masturbation in groups.

A section titled “Masturbation Is An Option For Reaching Orgasm” reads as follows: “As I feel the orgasm coming I forget about everything else and get lost in this feeling that starts in the tip of my penis and spreads all over my body. It’s like my body begins swimming all by itself, like there’s something in me reaching out welcoming the pleasure. As it becomes really intense my body begins shaking with excitement. The sensations take me over, and just at the peak of it I can feel this pulsing at the base of my penis and I feel the sperm shooting out of me like I’m sending it off far away. It’s amazing.

A section titled “Redefining Abstinence” recommends the following as alternatives to sexual intercourse for those who want to remain abstinent:

    • mouth-vulva contact 
    • mouth-penis contact 
    • mouth-anus contact 
    • fingering a partner’s genitals 
    • touching a partner’s nipples

A section titled “Facts About Sexual Behavior” features the following paragraph: “Anal intercourse typically refers to the insertion of a penis into the anus, while anal sex includes anal penetration by a penis, finger, dildo, or other object. Individuals of any sex or gender might engage in and enjoy anal sex. The anus is an erogenous zone, meaning that it contains sensory nerve endings. Some people of different sexes and orientations enjoy having the anus caressed, licked, or penetrated. Because the anus is tight and dry, it must be lubricated with silicone or water-based lubricant before being entered. The sphincter muscles should be relaxed with a finger massage before penetration.”


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  1. I see a few problems with this curricula. Just a few. Minor quibbles. Hardly worth mentioning. I could go on for paragraphs, but I will instead just say, it’s best when things are done in the right order. Which is not what they’re teaching.

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