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2020_01 19 church army

PRAYER LOCKER: A 16-year-old high school student started a prayer locker at her school to help meet the needs she sees among classmates, including issues with anxiety, depression and all things associated with being a teenager.

Because it was student-initiated, the administration at Pell City High had no problem with her request. She says she keeps the prayer requests with her in a little bag, so she can pray any time.

IMPEACHMENT: Laura Ingraham [5:16] What will happen next week.

IMPEACHMENT: [1:22, 1:15]Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko says, “No quid pro quo was ever mentioned in any conversations.” Also, “I don’t know [Lev Parnas]. … I don’t trust what he is saying.”

NEW YORK: [3:55] Bail “reform” backlash.

2020_01 19 Michelle abuse

MICHELLE’S LEGACY: Going, going, goneThe Trump administration announced Friday that it will roll back the restrictive, federally-mandated school lunch nutrition standards championed by Michelle Obama on the former first lady’s 56th birthday.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Whacky Moments [6:28] Democrats must “eradicate the scourge” of Trump supporters.

Isn’t that what Nazis said about Jews?

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: The Final Point [3:15]Five stories the Left Stream Media ignored.

BABYLON BEE: [2:50] Now CNN is after them.

TRANS: [14:55] On Wednesday, a panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals set an important precedent when it refused an intact male prisoner’s motion that the name on his order of confinement be changed and that he be addressed by female pronouns on account of his female gender identity.

2020_01 19 My Princess Boy

BOOK REVIEW: I cringed when I saw this book review … until I read it. “Have we thought carefully about the consequences of promoting this type of literature to children?

Also, the reviewer says the book is pedantic and boring … hmmm, what a shock (not).

2020_01 19 Titanic

CATHOLIC: Father Byles was active in getting the steerage passengers up to the boat deck and assisting women and children to the lifeboats. At least twice, he turned down pleas to get into one of the lifeboats.

Those in the last lifeboat rowing from the sinking ship heard his voice and the voices of those kneeling in the water around him, whether Catholic or not, as he led the Rosary and gave general absolution.

2020_01 19 Grammar

2020_01 19 You're dinner



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  1. Grammar saves lives? You bet it does. Like this classic comma-starved example:

    “Let’s eat Gramma!”

    * types less-family-friendly example, considers, deletes * 😐

    Appalling as they are, these impeachment idiots amuse me. To repeat myself from elseblog:

    I have yet to see an example of some challenger of Trump & Co. who didn’t get Wile E Coyoted for the effort. When this impeachment nonsense is behind us, I expect to see the ground littered with the bodies of Democrat careers like the burning-Atlanta scene in Gone with the Wind.

    Meep Meep my dear I don’t give a good gosh darn.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      When I think about Fancy Nancy crowing, “Trump will be impeached forever,” I think, “Yes, Nancy, and you’re going to be remembered as the fool who led the charge to nowhere.”

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