My latest update from the campaign trail.

IMPEACHMENT: Judge Jeanine [5:35]They’re about as serious as a bunch of second graders passing gas in school.”

IMPEACHMENT: [5:38] Fancy Nancy’s statement sounds a whole lot like the oft-proved maxim, If you want to know what Democrats are doing, then just look at what they are accusing us of doing.”

BONGINO: Good episode! [1:01:26]What the Democrats are hiding about Russia.

2020 Trump no patience

PRO-LIFERS for TRUMP: Susan B. Anthony List has teamed up with Women Speak Out PAC to get out the pro-life vote. They have a $52 million budget for the 2020 cycle. The ground team plans to make four million home visits before Election Day.

2020 liberal hypocrisy

LIBERAL HYPOCRISY: They claim to be all about compassion In 2016, the Supreme Court unanimously granted the Little Sisters of the Poor an exemption from the Obama HHS contraception mandate, but several pro-abortion states decided to go after them again. The Supreme Court is stepping in to adjudicate again.

It has been six long years since we began our legal battle against government mandates that threaten our ministry,” said Mother Loraine Marie Maguire of the Little Sisters of the Poor. “We hope we have finally reached the end of this arduous process, that the Supreme Court will reaffirm their previous decision, and that we will soon be able to keep our focus on the elderly poor.”

FAUXCAHONTAS: [19:49] Elizabeth Warren’s top 5 campaign lies.

2020 booty

BOOTY JUDGE: Pete Buttigieg, who does not want pro-life Christians to impose their religious beliefs on others, routinely uses his “Christian faith” to justify imposing abortion on demand, minimum wage hikes and gun control on us.

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