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2020_01 18 We believed

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Boy tells president how his teacher forced him to wipe off his Ash Wednesday mark [1:15] On this year’s National Religious Freedom Day, President Donald Trump issued a policy letter on students’ constitutional right to pray at school, marking his administration’s latest effort to protect the freedom of religious expression on campuses.

In public schools around the country, authorities are stopping students and teachers from praying, sharing their faith, or following their religious beliefs; it is totally unacceptable.” – President Trump

The U.S. Department of Education will send the president’s directive to education secretaries and officials in all 50 states as a reminder that schools may jeopardize their federal funding if they deny student’s religious freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment.

The new guideline does not change any existing laws or regulations. It is meant to empower students who want to pray at school by re-affirming their rights, including reading religious texts or praying during non-class periods, organizing prayer groups, and expressing their religious beliefs in their school assignments.

States are required to make sure their school districts have no policies restricting any of the above and to refer violators to the U.S. Secretary of Education.

CONSTITUTIONAL BATTLES: [5:49] – “They’re evil.”

FAILURE of LBJ’s GREAT SOCIETY: [32:54] This is very much worth your time!

2020_01 18 Attkisson

DEEP STATE: From Mark FitzgibbonsSharyl Attkisson has refiled a lawsuit against the federal government for illegally and unconstitutionally hacking her computers and trespassing at her home. It’s a whopper of a lawsuit, naming high-profile Deep State officials. …

“The spying occurred after she crossed the Obama administration with her unrelenting reporting on the gun-running scandal called Fast and Furious, then continued through her reporting on the Benghazi disaster. …

“The refiled suit meticulously describes the nightmarish facts of how her computers and home were electronically and physically invaded … without court-ordered warrants.

“The government sources with consciences told Sharyl’s lawyers that she is just one of hundreds of journalists or other American citizens who have been victims of such illegal spying. Her lawsuit rightly claims her case is about a ‘clear and present danger to our most fundamental protections’.”

If you have a few spare bucks, you can help her with the high cost of this fight against the Deep State by donating to her GoFundMe campaign (link below).

2020_01 18 aaps

SUING SCHIFF: In February and March 2019, Rep. Schiff contacted Google, Facebook, and Amazon, to encourage them to de-platform or discredit what Schiff asserted to be inaccurate information on vaccines. He then posted the letters and press release on the website.

Within 24 hours of Schiff’s letter to Amazon dated Mar 1, 2019, Amazon removed the popular videos Vaxxed and Shoot ’Em Up: the Truth About Vaccines from its platform for streaming videos, depriving members of the public of convenient access.

On Jan 15, 2020, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and others sued Adam Schiff for abusing government power and infringing on their right free speech.

The internet is supposed to provide free access to information to people of different opinions,” stated AAPS Executive Director, Jane Orient, M.D.AAPS is not ‘anti-vaccine,’ but rather supports informed consent.”

ABORTION: [11:19] It’s obviously not safe for the babies, but it’s also not safe for the mothers.

2020_01 18 abortion execution

CALIFORNIA: More than 600 pro-life protesters walked in a candlelight procession on Monday evening, from St. John the Baptist Catholic Church to a facility nearby where a Planned Parenthood intends to open an abortion clinic.

At the facility, the bishop, priests and faithful consecrated the lands and the building, as well as the people, to Mary, the Mother of God. A large statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, venerated by Catholics as the patroness of the unborn, and a Divine Mercy image were carried by the Knights of Columbus. After the consecration, the bishop went around the building to sprinkle blessed salt as well as holy water on the property.

2020_01 18 Missouri

MISSOURI: Abortions in Missouri dropped dramatically as the state’s only abortion facility, Reproductive Health Services in St. Louis, struggled to maintain its abortion license after a spate of botched abortions.

2020_01 18 new york

NEW YORK: Jordan Randolph, 40, has a history of drunk driving and a total of six felony convictions, six misdemeanor convictions, and five failures to appear in court on other cases. On Jan. 1st, he was arrested again … and released without bail under New York’s insane new no-bail law.

On Monday, while again driving drunk, he killed a 27-year-old man who had just graduated from the University of Buffalo and was planning a career in medicine.

He was released AGAIN without bail.

The prosecutor told the judge during the arraignment that he would’ve asked for a substantial amount of bail if the incident happened before Jan. 1.

The prosecutor then requested that an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet be put on Randolph.

The judge denied the request, saying the new law does not allow him to issue the monitoring device either.

CANADA: [7:06] Trans activist and sleazebag “Jessica” Yaniv attacked a journalist. The weirdest part is that he keeps screaming, “Go away!” while walking toward the journalist who is either standing still or moving backwards! If this guy weren’t such a menace, I’d feel sorry for him. He’s clearly got some major issues.

2020_01 18 mexico

MEXICO: This is absolutely appalling Women in Mexico were paid $1400 to be hyperstimulated so their ovaries released bountiful eggs instead of one during their cycle. They then underwent artificial insemination, resulting in early pregnancy with multiple embryos, which were then aborted for study.

2020_01 17 belgium

BELGIUM: More anti-life awfulness Three doctors are on trial in Belgium for unlawfully helping a woman end her life.

Her family says the woman had struggled with psychiatric issues from her youth, had recently been diagnosed with autism, and was dealing with stress following a breakup. But she did not have an “incurable disorder”, which is the standard Belgian law requires.

2020_01 18 wombat

AUSTRALIA: Fire Updates Heavy downpours assisted firefighters in Victoria, New South Wales (NSW), and Queensland, the states worst affected by the bush fires. The rain also helped clear the air in some of the areas that have been heavily polluted with smoke.

Twenty-nine people, more than 2,500 homes, and millions of animals have been destroyed since September.

But firefighters succeeded in saving the last 200 Wollemia nobilis trees living in a natural environment.

And wombats have reportedly saved other species of animals by allowing them to take refuge from the fires in their complex underground tunnels.

2020_01 17 slippers

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama Buzz sent me this sweet photo of herself standing with Bootz, wearing slippers I crocheted for them. ♡

2020_01 18 SCHOOL bear gets it

2020_01 18 SCHOOL cereal killer

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