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My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 I am the storm

TRUMP: This astonishing number has come out of the Milwaukee rally … 57.9% of those attending were NOT Republicans.

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Bits & Bytes

2020_01 18 We believed

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Boy tells president how his teacher forced him to wipe off his Ash Wednesday mark [1:15] On this year’s National Religious Freedom Day, President Donald Trump issued a policy letter on students’ constitutional right to pray at school, marking his administration’s latest effort to protect the freedom of religious expression on campuses.

In public schools around the country, authorities are stopping students and teachers from praying, sharing their faith, or following their religious beliefs; it is totally unacceptable.” – President Trump

The U.S. Department of Education will send the president’s directive to education secretaries and officials in all 50 states as a reminder that schools may jeopardize their federal funding if they deny student’s religious freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment.

The new guideline does not change any existing laws or regulations. It is meant to empower students who want to pray at school by re-affirming their rights, including reading religious texts or praying during non-class periods, organizing prayer groups, and expressing their religious beliefs in their school assignments.

States are required to make sure their school districts have no policies restricting any of the above and to refer violators to the U.S. Secretary of Education.

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