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2020_01 12 CAT can't keep

UKRAINIAN AIRLINER: [3:12] – Iran has admitted they accidentally shot down the Ukrainian passenger jet, killing all aboard. A former U.S. Air Force combat pilot explains why this speaks to the shoddy level of Iran’s military training.

IRAN: [2:19] – Iranians are fed up with their government; protesters in the streets chant “Soleimaini was a murderer.” Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Slime Stream Media to report on this, since it goes directly against their previous reporting about Iranians pouring into the streets by the thousands to grieve the brutal murder of their beloved leader.

IRAN: Worth watching [17:21]Press Briefing with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin about economic sanctions and related issues.

IRAN: [3:08] President Trump has crippled Iran. They can’t afford to go to war.

KILLING SOLEIMANI: [1:28]Retired Army Ranger and double amputee Brian Mast explains in detail one of the horrific weapons created by Soleimani.

2020_01 12 Hillary

STILL NOT OUR PRESIDENT: SatireIn a bold interview of armchair presidency, Hillary Clinton said that President Trump is handling the Iran situation all wrong.

“’If I were president,’ Clinton said in an exclusive interview with Genesius Times, ‘Iran would’ve committed suicide already.‘”

THREAT: [2:19]Florida man posted a death threat against the president. When they came to arrest him, he said it was just a joke. Sorry, pal, we’re not laughing. He’s in jail. Florida set his bail at $100K.

If he was in NYS, with its super cool, new, Progressive no-bail law, he’d have walked away on his own recognizance, with maybe a promise to receive a super cool ball cap if he managed to show up for his court date.

I’ve been trying to figure out what the Dems are thinking with this absurd and deeply dangerous new law. The best I can think is they want New York to descend into such violence and chaos that we BEG for the feds to come in and take over.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: [5:05] – “Stern, white, military men” … seriously?! ::eyeroll::

ISRAELI INGENUITY: Watergen’s GENNY extracts water from the air. It has won a Best of Innovation Award and an Energy Efficiency Product of the Year awards. One machine can make up to 211 gallons of fresh, clean water every day.

The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life for the billions who lack accessibility to safe drinking water, regardless to their nationality, skin color, or religious belief. The company says GENNY also purifies the air as part of the water generation process.

2020_01 12 Amish

AMISH INGENUITY: Early one morning in March 2019, 250 Amish men lifted Joseph Hochstetler’s pole barn, rotated and walked it to a new position about 200 feet away. The entire process took less than five minutes. Amazing! There’s a video at the link.

2020_01 12 CAT wants food

2020_01 12 DOG going to eat that


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  1. “We can’t keep it” – that’s as far as I’ve read this morning. Lovely pic. That yellow kitty looks just like my dear Godsend Charlie. But bald spot and glasses is not me. Yet. 😉

    I have at least three “we can’t keep it” stories. But the best one is about a yellow cat. (Not Charlie.)

    * pours a cup of coffee, settles back in storytelling mode *

    We were heading back from Chicago, still in Northern Illinois, at a rest stop. When I come out of the building, our two sons are standing there with a full-grown yellow cat doing figure-8’s around their legs. His tail was so long he was almost a full wraparound, nose to tail-tip. Purring, and friendly as could be. Twin boys insisting he needed a home. Our home.

    He probably belonged to some farm nearby, I argued (which I didn’t really believe). IAC, No way we were picking up a stray adult cat and driving 800 miles with no carrier. After much weeping and pleading and arguing by the guys, I put my foot down firmly, absolutely, and finally. No. Way.

    The cat seemed to get the message, ceased encircling our sons, and walked away from us. Toward the parking area. I thought, oh, great, now I’m going to see him wander in front of a car and get killed. So I followed him a bit, at a distance.

    He just stepped off the curb, into a parking slot, and sat down, looking at me. Very odd. I saw he was sitting on something. So, I walked over and looked: two pieces of paper? OH! it was a $5 and a $10. I melted.

    The Lord knows I can be awfully thick on the uptake, can’t take a hint, but by Heaven, a cat that offers to buy his first bag of kibble wins my heart. We took him home and named him, of course, Buck. Wonderful cat, friend to all people and pets (but not mice), now long gone and so very greatly missed.

    Yeah, I didn’t win the other “we can’t keep it” contests, either.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Wonderful story!!

      And wow, but you’re doing amazing if you don’t even need reading glasses yet, older-than-me man!

      What’s IAC in Mindful Speak? I can’t find anything that fits on any on-line acronym dictionary.

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      • Hi, late replying. Been busy [insert excuse list here].

        IAC=In Any Case… sometimes I lapse into textspeak. Even smilies! 🙂

        Well, I do have glasses, for the fine print, somewhere around here. Mostly I just need good light.

        Also, it’s not that my gray hair isn’t thinning, too, just not in that pattern or that much. Yet.

        Good place to say, I liked your choice of the cat and dog pix at the bottom of this post – Both close-up, noses in your face. Cute & funny.

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        • chrissythehyphenated

          TY :). I do make some effort to make the “leave ’em with a smile” segments amusing not just within each graphic, but also in the juxtaposition of the graphics.

          IAC – That’s a good one. I say it a lot, so will no doubt begin using IAC LOL. Puzzled why it didn’t pop when I searched IAC text acronym” since it seems so obvious now that you’ve told me. That happened with PSA too. Another one I use a lot now also.

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