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My latest update from the campaign trail.

FACEBOOK: Their new policy for political ads should make it easier for politicians to post ads and voters to decide not to see them.

I like it. The former policy was to ban “false” ads; this was used to remove pro-life ads for “falsely” presenting factual, scientific information because it violated the Left’s pro-abortion talking points.

2020 Democrat values

DEMOCRATS NOW: For Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, 600 dead Americans doesn’t justify taking the life of one vicious terrorist …

… but an unborn baby who is doing nothing but existing can be murdered without a trial or congressional approval.

DEMOCRATS THEN: [:27]Back in the days when Hillary still looked like a human being and not like a crazed chipmunk.

2020 straws

IMPEACHMENT: From Babylon Bee Democrats desperately grasping at straws to find grounds to impeach and convict Trump announced Tuesday they are now regretting banning plastic straws.

2020 biden and son

BIDEN: Hunter’s problems don’t stop with China and Ukraine. He’s also being sued for child support by the stripper mom of his bastard child and the case is bringing out stories of his drug addiction, using false identities to hide arrests and rehab, even counterfeiting.

I haven’t written about it because it’s all just allegations at this point. But you know we’d be hearing about it ad nauseum from the shrieking Left if this were Donald Trump’s son.

BULLIES: [4:33] Examples of politicians using congressional hearings not to learn stuff, but to bully people and score points.

OMAR: [3:21] Anti-Semite of the Year.

OMAR: [:57]While Rep. Lee talks about American troops who lost their lives in Iraq, Rep. Ilhan Omar ignores and upstages her, chatting and giggling with her buds. Rude!

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