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Fake News You Can Trust

2020_01 07 Bee

CNN has slammed the world’s best satire site, The Babylon Bee, after CNN executives realized that “fake news” articles on the website were getting at least as much social media traction as their own.

There ain’t room in this internet for the both of us,” growled one CNN anchor on the air Monday evening. “There simply aren’t enough people out there for us to fool with our fake news stories and The Babylon Bee to fool with their satire. There isn’t enough clickbait and outrage traffic to go around.”

Reporters at the media outlet also pointed out that their news was “much faker” than The Babylon Bee’s.

They’re obviously amateurs over there at The Bee,” said Brian Stelter. “A lot of times, their reporting comes true. If you’re gonna do fake news, do it right — 100% fake, guaranteed, 24/7. They really should learn from the pros over here at CNN.”

Stay out of our territory,” he growled.

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Bits & Bytes

2019_01 07 Jesus the Way

JESUS: It’s absurd to say that Jesus was just one more among the great moral teachers of history. Jesus claimed to be God. So there are only two choices. If He was telling the literal truth, we should drop everything to follow Him. But if he was lying or insane, we should ignore everything he taught and encourage others to do so as well.

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