My latest update from the campaign trail.

2020 praying

TRUMP: Evangelicals for Trump prayed over the president before he spoke at a campaign rally in Miami Friday afternoon.

TRUMP ECONOMY: It’s the economy, stupid” was probably the most famous of Bill Clinton’s campaign slogans.

Then, there was Slow Joe Biden who, while trying to explain President Obama’s plan to get more people back to work, said was all about “a three letter word … jobs. J. O. B. S.”

2020 Trump can't be bought

TRUMP: It’s beyond absurd that anyone believes Trump would do anything untoward to enrich himself. He’s a BILLIONAIRE, for crying out loud! People that rich can’t spend the money they earn in interest. Sheesh.

2020 Three types of people

KILLING SOLEIMANI:Democrats cannot bring themselves to praise Trump for an action, that if Obama had done, the sheeplike Dems would be declaring a national holiday in Obama’s honor. When Obama approved the killing of bin Laden, he did not consult with Congress. Obama was also praised by GOP, (though the GOP also could not stand Obama)  and Obama’s people for taking out bin Laden. Obama launched 2500 airstrikes without Congressional approval in Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS.  Did the Democrats complain then? Nada. Crickets. But the hypocritical Democrats are now complaining that Trump did not consult with Congress in advance of taking out this terrorist leader.” – Mitch Wolfe

GUTFELD: [5:32]Yeah, I know … I’ve posted umpteen commentaries on the killing of Soleimani. But trust me. This one is still worth watching.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: [4:49] – To his credit, Cooper actually let Rep. Will Hurd [R-TX-23] say everything he wanted to say.

2020 iowa

DEMOCRAT POLLS: None of these people can beat Donald Trump.

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