Dennis Prager Responds to Christianity Today

Excerpted from “A Response to the Editor of Christianity Today” about Mark Galli’s editorial calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

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The gist of the editorial — and of most religious and conservative opposition to President Trump — is that any good the president has done is dwarfed by his character defects.

This is an amoral view that says more about Galli than it does about the president. He and the people who share his opinion are making the following statement: “No matter how much good this president does, it is less important than his character flaws.”

This simplistic view of character is wrong and devalues how much Trump’s policies have benefited millions of people.

I do not know how to assess a person’s character — including my own — outside of how one’s actions affect others. Since I agree with almost all of President Trump’s actions as president and believe they have positively affected millions of people, I have to conclude that as president, Trump thus far has been a man of particularly good character.

Of course, if you think his policies have harmed millions of people, you will assess his character negatively. But that is not what never-Trumpers and the Christianity Today editor-in-chief argue.

According to them, Trump’s have indeed helped America (and even the world), but that this fact is far less significant than his personal flaws, whatever they may be.

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