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2019_12 30 Heaven came to Earth

TODAY: I’m baaack! (Did anyone notice I was gone? LOL ) My puter had a glitch which, thankfully, was just a $30 fix.

Below is what I had scheduled for the 26th. As soon as that’s up, I have to start plowing through the 170 emails that piled up while I was cut off from humanity …

2019_12 30 Cat in tree

CHRISTMAS: Compare how the two presidents have commemorated Christmas in their tree lighting addresses, Christmas cards, and White House decorations.

Obama’s tree lighting addresses were about honoring a great moral “leader” who brings a message of peace and love that everyone can understand and should imitate. Their eight “seasonal holiday” cards never included the word “Christmas.”

Trump’s treatment of Christmas is the opposite. He and Melania are all about celebrating the “savior” of the world who offers “eternal salvation” and who reveals to men and women their true dignity, namely, that each is called to be a “child of God.”

Read the rest (it’s long and detailed) @

IMPEACHMENT: [4:05]“Unfair.” “Hatred of the president.” “Trying to overturn an election.” “Make darn sure that our decision to impeach him was based on principle and not politics.”

IMPEACHMENT: Nasty Lesson [12:27] Former independent counsel Ken Starr joins Mark Levin on ‘Life, Liberty and Levin’ to discuss House Democrats’ precedent-shattering impeachment of President Trump.

IMPEACHMENT: Zombie Apocalypse [3:08] Speaker Nancy Pelosi may go back and try to find some more stuff to impeach President Donald Trump for.

2019_12 26 wage growth

TRUMP ECONOMY: Before Mr. Trump took office in January 2017, the Congressional Budget Office forecast the creation of only two million jobs by this point. The economy has in fact created seven million jobs since January 2017.

In addition, wages have not only increased, but have increased the MOST for those in the LOWEST income brackets. This is the opposite of what Democrats are telling everyone. For those without a high school diploma, wages have risen 9%!

A panel of 57 economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal this month say they expect U.S. economic growth to continue through the election, though at a slightly slower rate. They also see lower odds of a recession over the next year than they did in the prior two months.

2019_12 26 Canada Trump

CANADA: Canada’s economy unexpectedly shrank in October, following steep retreats in manufacturing and retail sales.

RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION: [7:37]The anti-Christian hate is so bad, they’re actually going after the AMISH.

2019_12 26 resistance

RESISTANCE WORKS: Click to read about how successful groups have been in getting Drag Queen Story Hours removed or never brought into their local libraries.

2019_12 26 ms-13

MS-13: The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office arrested and handed down charges against 96 members and associates of the MS-13 gang.

The indictments included brutal murders using machetes, assaults, rapes, a large-scale drug-selling operation, and widespread intimidation of immigrants on Long Island.

SAINT ON EARTH: [4:02] – Tonio Tavares De Mello has adopted 42 disabled children, many damaged by botched abortions.

2019_12 30 abortion providers

PRO-LIFE: The Kosciusko County, Indiana, Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution stating thatHuman life begins at the moment of conception and continues, uninterrupted, until the moment of natural death.”

It also encourages community support for families in need, through pregnancy and parenting resources and adoption. In addition, it urges government leaders touse every legal means to protect and fight for every human life, including the lives of unborn boys and girls.”

Other local governments in Indiana also passed pro-life resolutions this winter: Allen County and the cities of Huntertown, Woodburn and New Haven.

2019_12 26 grandfather express

GRANDFATHER EXPRESS: Doug Hayes has 10 grandchildren who all go to a small Christian school. There is no busing for them, so this year, he bought a bus so he could drive his grandkids to school every day! They’re VERY excited about it!

2019_12 25 3 kings

2019_12 25 JESUS and the genie

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